Keep selling that booze

Ravens Fan Still ‘Unresponsive’ After Stadium Fight With Raiders Fans

Joseph Bauer, a 55-year-old season ticket holder for the Baltimore Ravens, remains in sick bay “unresponsive” after a fight at the game Monday where two pugilists, Scott Smith, 30, of Mount Vernon, New York, and Andrew Nappi, 31, of Eastchester, New York, beat the hell out of him. They were both charged with first- and second-degree assault and released on bond.

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According to a statement by one of the men, Bauer threw a bottle at Smith’s head and Nappi punched Bauer in the face. Bauer’s wife, Sharon, said Smith pushed her husband to the ground where he hit his head.  That has not been substantiated.

Be that as it may; I am sure that booze played a big part in the altercation just like it does at so many other sporting events but the owner of the teams and stadiums refuses to quit selling that LIQUID BALLS.

Violence at sporting events has been  commonplace over the years. A person has to be a fool to take their family to any game unless they have a lodge. Not many can afford that.

The sale of booze at sporting events bring in billions a year.  What is more important to the owners; their profits or a fans life??? I guess they have answered the question by continuing to sell the Fire Water.

That seems to be the trademark of big businesses in the world; profit before safety.

I hope Mr. Bauer pulls out of it.




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