Clairvoyant or excellent street sense???

You read it here first yesterday morning FOLKS.


Today’s headlines:

Was Kim Kardashian robbery an inside job?

Oct. 03, 2016 – 1:04 – Fox411: Experts say someone close to Kim may have been behind the brazen armed robbery

When there are people who live the lifestyles Kim and their Crew does, they never have enough soldi. They are constantly looking for ways to scrounge up more, legally or illegally. Swindling an insurance company out of millions is one way, besides suing the hotel where the alleged robbery took place is another. It was a very ill-conceived plan. Like Joe Pesci would say;

Like Joe Pesci would say; they are stupid theefs!

In all fairness to Kim, I have to assume she is a screwed up broad because of the disastrous examples her Ma Ma has set for her and the rest of the family.  I think all in all she probably was a good person; until she got tied up with some of the bad influences in her life.

images            download-4

I can bet OJ’s old running partner Robert has turned over in his grave many times with all of the escapades his family has gone through under the leadership of his notorious wife.

download (1).jpeg        is-kim-kardashians-mom-kris-jenner-separating-from-bruce-jenner

I can not believe that Kardashian would have approved of his family’s lifestyle. He was a decent guy that really believed OJ was innocent. When he found out the truth, he severed ties with the killer for the duration.

I am sure before the smoke clears in this possible bogus jewelry heist, someone or the entire crew will be serving time in the Bastille.


I can’t say that there will be many that will shed a tear.



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