Bill may find himself sleeping on the floor

Former President Bill Clinton criticized the Affordable Care Act at a campaign event Monday, saying the way President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment works in practice is “the craziest thing in the world.”

“You’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have healthcare and then the people are out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half,” he said in Flint, Mich. “It’s the craziest thing in the world.”

If BB has dedicated herself to carrying on her old boss’s legacy to the “T” but  Bill is out there criticizing it, that makes for strange bedfellows.

This isn’t the first time Wild Bill has put the hammer to Obama and his policies. He does it on a regular basis.  This is an example of how hypocritical politics can be from one second to the other.

Possibly WB is pissed off at Obama  for yelled at him in public; to hurry and get his lazy/slow southern ass on the plane.

It is not the polite thing to do; keep the SITTING PRESIDENT  standing there waiting.  It can make the guy see red.

It is amazing what politicians will do to put up the front. These two guys have had a hate thing going on for decades; for now they are kissin cousins.


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