Tell it like it is UK!!!!!

It looks like there is one politician in this world that is not on the pad. This bloke is shooting straight from the hip and telling it like it is. Sounds familiar to me.

As we all should know by now, the birds on the bottom branches are always getting the worst end of the deal.


Let us face it, as I have said many times; the general public are pawns on the gigantic chess game of life and the politicians move use around as they see fit for their personal benefit.

There was a crooked system set up by the BIG BOYS many years ago where  the middle class supports the poor and makes the rich wealthier.  I don’t have a problem assisting someone who is actually in need but I do have a problem supporting the welfare bums that have been receiving social hand-outs for 10 generations.

The wealthy or their crony lawmakers are the people who write the laws, in the process, they make sure that the laws are slanted to protect them and the people who donated to their campaigns. If the bottom drops out, they are well protected and shielded from any financial disaster.

Is anyone foolish enough to believe that when the USA’s government bailed out the banks a few years ago, it was because they had the working class’s interests at heart or was it to CTOA (cover their own ass)??? They would have had the most to lose if the system totally failed.

If you chose door # 2 you win the prize.

One thing has always stuck in my craw, like a cowboy sitting on a horse that was getting his goolunies smashed because of a bad saddle.

Congress has not passed a budget for so many years I have lost track. They can stretch out a 10-minute assignment for 10 years. BUT – always the BIG BUT.

In 2013 when the government was supposed to shut down because the over-pain, under-worked bums could not put their empty heads together on a budget; it didn’t take them more than 15 minutes to pass a bill that protected their paychecks from being cut off if the clock struck 12:00 and an agreement was not reached.  That only goes to show the American people that they are the birds on the bottom branch, getting shit on day after day.


My hat is off to our cousin in the UK that is a rare bird and has the interest of his countrymen at heart.  The rest of them are not worth a farthing.


It is going to take a COMPLETE overhaul of our political system to get it straightened out. There is a guy waiting in the wings that, with the proper advisors and guidance, can get the job done. Is he perfect???? We all know the answer but he is the best of the worst.


Let us not forget that all of the issues that BB (Bill’s bride) is bitching about; she was instrumental in creating.  She has been sitting on a top branch for over 30 years writing the laws she is now opposed to, relieving herself on everyone below her.

I don’t know about anyone else, it is not very pleasant sitting on that bottom branch.

The political clock is ticking. Vote with good common sense; don’t be one of the blind sheep walking off the cliff.


I hope I have convinced the lady I met this morning at the car dealer. In turn, she may persuade some of her friends as to where to put their X next month.






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