Staged or what???

Kim Kardashian robbed of millions in jewelry by masked Paris gunmen

1st question. Why is anyone traveling with 10 million dollars worth of jewelry?

2nd, where was her old man and his crew last night? Better check out his alibi. The dude is in a financial jackpot; we  can’t ever  tell what desperate some people  will do to raise a little cash.

download-4  download-3

If he had balls enough to ask Zuckerberg for a $1,000,000,000.00 loan, (yes FOLKS that is one billion) the guy just may be in deep enough to try to pull off something like this.

He very well could have put one of his homies up to the heist.

I wouldn’t put up a staged robbery passed either one of these stellar role models  to our kids.

I wonder if they SUPPOSED 10 million dollar worth of ice was insured???

Before they pay off, if they do, I would certainly investigate the case.  Sounds a little fishy to me.


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