Finesse should be the order of the day

LASHING OUT: Trump steps up personal attacks on Clinton, tells
rally Hillary ‘should be in prison’

There is one very crucial element The Donald has yet to learn; as the old saying goes (figuratively speaking), how to kill her with kindness.

Any message can be delivered effectively without going to extremes. Just like I have said about Kaper-dick. He can deliver his message without insulting the entire USA and everything it stands for.

In Kaper-dick’s case, there is such a thing as going over the line, taking an issue too far. Opinions can be made and expressed without going to extremes  where the actions results are counterproductive. Does this fool think that by his antics he is going to make America a better place to live? Think again

Does this fool think that by his antics he is going to make America a better place to live? Think again lad!. The awareness that he claims he is trying to resurrect has already been in place but no one wants to see it. You know cliche’; can’t see the forest on account of the trees!!  Now it is time for the black community to get their people in line and law enforcement to clean house and rid itself of all their gun-happy cowboys.

One example of 1,000’s:

Focus on those facts lad, clean it up and then you can bitch about not being treated fairly.

In Trump’s case. Throughout his campaign, it hasn’t been, in many cases what he said but how he said it.  When a person goes to extremes or flips out over a situation and act nuts, it scares/intimidates some of the people around them. So in essence; he should be killing her with kindness and finesse. 


1st scenario: Instead of Donald yelling; your old man is a no good womanizer, slept with everything that walked and wiggled, he is a no good bum. Although what he says may be true, he has to tone it down.

2nd scenario: In a soft tone of voice;  Mrs. Clinton; isn’t it true that Bill  has not been  the ideal husband throughout your marriage and he disgraced the office of the presidency like no man has ever done, you knew about it for years and did nothing???? What does that say for the morality of your marriage and an example to the world??? Same message, better results and the message was heard by all loud and clear. 

3rd scenario: Trump yelling. You dirty ^$(@#; isn’t it true that you shirked your responsibilities in Benghazi causing the slaughter of American citizens and then  tried to cover it up with a lie about why and how the attack took place????

4th scenario:  BB why don’t you tell us what EXACTLY happened in Benghazi the night our bases was overrun, causing the death and humiliation our people and country while you stood back and did nothing about it.   

I have learned by experiences many times in my life, if the burden is put on the other person, they usually hang themselves by lying or stumbling over the truth.  Trump has to plant the seed, stand back, listen to her incriminate herself and then go in for the kill.

Donald has to be smart on how he approaches this seasoned liar and manipulator of the truth.  If Trump is doing his homework – if he has the guts to come out firing, unlike the last debate – there is so much ammunition out there for him to use, it is endless.  If the messages are delivered properly with finesse and at the appropriate time, Adolf may not even vote for her.

Some minor example:

How much more do you need Donny????

Donny; it is all about the delivery and the finesse you use.  Don’t go ballistic, keep calm and cool and you can come out of this smelling like a rose and possibly like a president.




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