Candidate for early release????

Kentucky man accused in triple homicide threatens judge

How would some of the PC-ers in this country feel about their daughter dating or marrying this dude??  After all, we do not want to be accused of profiling anyone, do we???


A Kentucky man (the media likes to call him a man, he is a scrap of sub-human slime) charged with killing three people – including two teens – is now facing additional charges after authorities said he threatened a judge and her family.

In court on Friday, Brice Rhodes repeatedly threatening to track down Jefferson District Court Judge Amber Wolf and her relatives and do them in, during his profanity-laced hearing. What a sweetheart this killer is.

“Why you all havin’ me come in like this for?” Rhodes asked from behind a spit mask authorities strapped on the sub-human criminal.

“I think you know why Wolf replied. “You know exactly why.”

“Yeah, [EXPLETIVE] I’m going to get out,” Rhodes said at one point.

“Don’t you think I’m gonna [EXPLETIVE] find out where you live at?” he continued. “You got family! I’ll be out!”

Now authorities said they have filed additional charges of terroristic threatening and intimidating  Jefferson District Court Judge Amber Wolf in the legal process.

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