Tell me they are not on a mission

Tell me the Huntington Post is not putting an all out blitzscreed on the Trumpster.  All of the websites below are on the first 1/4 of their internet home page. This kind of attention has to be costing BB and company big money and a lot of I’ll take care of you later in order to get all of this ink.

Do you think the Huntington and the rest of the liberal media are out to get him or what??

Does he deserve some criticism?? We all know the answer to that but – always the BIG BUT – for what BB has been accused of and hasn’t even been charged with jaywalking, is it logical to say that the media is unfair, one-sided and brutal toward the Donald??  I’ll say!!!


What should be good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Only Willie Mosconi could play dirty pool better than them.





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One Response to Tell me they are not on a mission

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Mosconi, was a gentleman, I remember him in Brooklyn, Park Slope section. He never played dirty pool, but could sure make anyone look like a fool if they tried to intimidate him on the pool table.

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