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Writer of ‘Wonder Woman’ comic confirms that the iconic superhero is gay, comes from a ‘queer culture’

After all these years; all of a sudden the writer for  Wonder Women claims she is gay.

How many young girls and boys watch this Super Lady, admire her and would love to emulate what she does? I would say millions.

For last 75 years (originated in 1941) she was just an ordinary lady with super powers.  Fast forward to 2016; all of a sudden, some freak writer claims the dynamic damsel is gay.

I wonder what Linda Carter has to say about that.  This beauty  looks anything but gay to me.

images           download-1         images-1

Don’t fools like this Remington raider (military for typist) have anything better to do than sit around conjuring  up trash to influence our kids? Let them decide on their own when they get older as to which road they want to go down. There is confusion enough in this world to plant subliminal trash in their heads.

The next twisted revelation to come out may be, Bat Man and Robin are sissies and Superman is AC/DC, a switch hitter.

download            3605753-1936874063-31646

Give it a rest you fools and let nature take its course. The kids today are screwed up enough without any outside influences from imbeciles like you.


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