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Impartial??? NOT

Lester Holt spins debate for Hillary six huge ways, plays ‘Gotcha’ with Trump I have always maintained that a person should be good at whatever  they do or find another occupation. If they are a thief, be a good one … Continue reading

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Slight edge to Trump

The one major difference we see between the two combatants is; what you see with BB (Bill’s Bride) is all a put on superficial facade she has so cleverly developed through her years in politics, cleverly using her well-honed skills … Continue reading

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Tonight is the night. The political blood bath tonight between The Trumpster & BB  will go down in the books as one of the most watched program in American TV history; possibly one of the most best games of the … Continue reading

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Equally as guilty

Obama on Trump: ‘Even most 8-year-olds’ know slavery was a bad time for black people (CNN) President Barack Obama sharply criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for saying earlier this week that the black community is in the worst shape … Continue reading

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Anyone surprised??

Black Lives Matter flag at University of Vermont generates controversy A idiocy that is sparking controversy and contempt. . The Student Government Association put the flag on display Thursday but not everyone is happy, Fox44/ABC22 reported Friday. The Black Lives Matter flag … Continue reading

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Quadruple standards

Mariners suspend catcher for tweets on Black Lives Matter, police shootings I guess we have all degrees of standards in the country, depending on how much soldi someone has – who their daddy is -and what color their skin is. … Continue reading

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What about terrorism??????

Brad Pitt, accused of child abuse, is under investigation I don’t really know if I view certain issue different from most people???? I have always characterized my efforts by executing them in  the order of their importance. The word is … Continue reading

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