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FBI Comey got millions from Clinton Foundation Defense Contractor —

Originally posted on BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!: Earlier I posted about the nefarious James Comey. Now we learn just how much money passed through his hands as well as his brother’s. Better yet his brother’s firm performed “an independent” audit of the Clinton Foundation in November. Why am I just laughing myself silly.…

Make sure to click on and read it in its entirety for the complete story.

FBI Comey got millions from Clinton Foundation Defense Contractor —

Ain’t this a bitch!! I wonder how this little tidbit of information slipped by me???  I just picked it up from the Rifleman that has a blog on Word Press.  I am extremely surprised that Fox News didn’t feature it.  As for the rest of the liberal media, it doesn’t surprise me.

Now we know why Jame Comey (the disgraceful head of the FBI) took the  position he did with his bought off decision not to prosecute BB for her email scandals and the rest of her indiscretions. He has been on the payroll  long before the investigations ever started.

Is there no end to the cronyism and corruption in this administration??

I was so pissed off when I read the article I was stuttering.

To me and  millions of other good Americans, this is like being spit in the face – kick in the nuts – get a beating with a ball bat – sliced open with a razor – playing the dozens with our mothers and running over us all with a D-8 dozer all the same day.

Despicable – deliberate actions like this and many others we do not know about is about as bad as it can get with the backbiting people who are running our government. This all starts from the top.

They are as bad as the Catholic religion that allowed the pedophiles to operate with impunity.  The pope as well as everyone under him knew the facts but turned their heads.

Just like any other massive organization; nothing takes place or is acted upon without the TOP MAN’s approval. The lengths Obama and his crooks have gone through to bull-shit the public, deceive and to protect their law breaking cronies is way beyond belief.

The old saying used to be; never report a crime to the cops in Mexico because the government from the top down is as crooked as the criminals. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!

These are bad people, vicious to the core. If Trump doesn’t pick on this one in his next debate and chop BB to shreds, he might as well throw in the towel.

I am still having a hard time believing the depths of our government’s corruption.

In a very short time, Comey has destroyed all that the FBI has stood for since their inception.  This and other incidents he balked on are criminal acts at their finest and he turned his head. This is the kind of shit we used to read about Russia and some of the other corrupted governments doing.

This incident and many more like it should be the  example of why the American people have to elect Donald Trump. If not, the thieves under BB will continue robbing us of our self-respect, dignity, money and honor by continuing with Obama’s legacy as she promised.

If this revelation is true as it appears to be; how can anyone have any respect or trust for Obama and anyone in his administration. This goes way beyond what race – religion or nationality anyone is.

I have ALWAYS had great respect for the office of the president of the USA but the man who has been seated for the last 7.5 years has made a complete mockery out of the office.

He is as bad a Wild Bill, only under a different set of circumstances.

I never in my wildest dreams ever thought the Clinton Machine was as powerful as they are.  Someone has to put the blocks to these people and all of their associates.


The first time a crook robs a store they are a little nervous – the 2nd time it gets easier and so-on.  As they continue with their criminal activities, all of their heist just become another day at the office and business as usual.  It becomes second nature to their characters.

There is one small fact of life attached to this article that all of the crooks must remember. figuratively speaking; once any person sells their soul to the devil, they are damned forever.




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