Bringin the BIG GUNS


Trump advisers weigh putting Christie in charge of debate prep:


It is said that the Big Guy from New Jersey  is brutally honest and just what Trump needs as a pre-debate ball buster. That can be  matter of opinions; it all depends on who you tak to that was in that monster traffic jam he MAY HAVE orchestrated.

If you want a direct answer; for the most part, you will always get a straight answer from an Italian. Don’t ask if you don’t want the truth. Even though Christie is metà e metà;  he may give the Donald what he needs for his wake up call.

Chris Christie – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Christie was born in Newark, New Jersey, the son of Sondra A. (née Grasso), a telephone receptionist, and Wilbur James “Bill” Christie, a certified public accountant. His father is of German, Scottish, and Irish descent, and his mother was of Sicilian ancestry;  metà e metà.


It appears that BB’s surrogate for Trump  that grilling him on the first round was not down and dirty enough to mimic what BB may have had under her petticoat.

The only thing I see wrong with that picture; Donald should have enlisted my services. My rates are cheap than Christies, I am thoroughbred Italian and I can probably get a lot nastier than Christie can. I have the resume to prove it.


I have offered my services on a couple of occasions and you are turning a deaf ear to me. If you want a real goolunie smasher that has been following you and BB closely, you know how to get in-touch.

All I can do is offer. No one tells it like it is and shoots straight from the hip like the Commander and Chief does.  Not to be confused with the Commander in Chief.

If you behave, I will ask you to be the God-Father for my next kid.


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