Breakdown of facts

The American people have been subjected to visual and mental harassment/bombardment  for over two years now with the overwhelming, insulting, ridiculous political TV ads. I can’t wait until the election is over so we can regain our sanity.

I am so sick and tired of listening to the political HATE commercials on the tube.  If I didn’t just buy a new TV, I would throw this mother through the front window without opening it.


The fact of the matter with this miserable excuse for a presidential race; that should have been sponsored by the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), we have 2 very flawed candidates and eventually one of them is going to be sitting in The Big Chair as the leader of the United States of America. A little scary.

I said from the very beginning; IF – The Big IF; if Trump was a serious candidate, he had to clean up his act. If he would have come out of the box respectfully and more dignified, there is absolutely no question that he would have wiped the floor with BB and her (I would like to invoke my 5th amendment rights clan) . He could have gotten his messages across in a more diplomatic/professional manner.  His antics are why many people are skeptical of him.

He had/has everything this country needed to get back to its once greatness but he blew it, maybe. It almost seemed at times like he had a defeatist attitude and was cutting his own throat by his unacceptable behavior and brash comments. This guy really insulted some very honorable, stand-up people and organizations that did not deserve it. Most of the time showing no remorse.

My STRANGE appeal to him was and still is; he isn’t a crooked politician (the people who have been the cause of our undesirable situations) – he doesn’t owe anyone and cannot be bought off – financed most of his own campaign – is a solid patriot – truly has the interest of the country at heart (MAY make a few bucks in the process) – will not take any shit from foreign dick-tators – make our FAIR trade agreements FAIR again –  basically he has the complete package as to what the USA needs to get back on track. IF , The BIG IF again.   He has/had it all going for him except for one thing.  Like a wild stallion, he came out of the starting gate in a pent-up rage, he did not know how to ferme his la bouche. The man has/had no filter. But we must admit he is doing better.

He is so used to RUNNING his own show unchallenged, he didn’t know how to react when he was pressured by outside sources. He had to learn the lesson the hard way. Now I do think he has seen the errors of MOST (but not all) of his ways. Possibly too little too late. Let us hope not.

Let us be realistic. We do not want Trump to change his personality, one of the things that made him successful, we are just asking him to adjust his carburetor, his motor is running too rich.

On the other side of the stacked deck of choices, we have BB (Bill’s Bride) that has such a tattered history – is a compulsive liar – can’t be trusted as far as she can throw Jennifer and Monica at the same time – some say she has been mixed up in more illegal situation than El Chappo and truly a despicable, narcissistic, self-centered person.

Why her sheep can’t see beyond her made-up façade is way beyond me. Just ask the Secret Service agents that had to kiss her ass on a daily basis because she was the president’s wife.  According to accounts, she started their day off by telling them; don’t fucken talk to me. Sweet little thing Huh???

Tell me the plus side of the lady.

In her bid  for the Big Chair, BB sounds like the original tape recording of Mr. O’s sales pitch in 2007 – 2008.

This list depicts the democratic party’s (Obama’s) platforms for 2008 – the red depicts the did not of the do’s. 


Provide an immediate energy rebate to offset high prices of gas and other necessities. Devote $50 billion to “jump starting the economy, helping economic growth, and preventing another one million jobs from being lost,” including assistance to states and localities to prevent them from having to cut their vital services.


  • Repeal the Bush tax cuts for families making more than $250,000. Provide additional tax cuts for middle-class families.
  • Shut down “special interest loopholes and tax shelters” and use the money to “provide an immediate middle-class tax cut.”
  • Eliminate federal income tax for seniors making less than $50,000
  • Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • “Dramatically simplify tax filings so that millions of Americans can do their taxes in less than five minutes”


Ensure that the foreclosure prevention program enacted by Congress is implemented “quickly and effectively so that at-risk homeowners can get help and hopefully stay in their homes.” (The measure includes a plan to help troubled borrowers avoid foreclosure by refinancing their mortgages with more affordable government-insured loans.) Reform bankruptcy laws.


End tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas and provide incentives for companies that keep and maintain good jobs in the United States. Invest in advanced energy technologies and create “millions of new, good ‘Green Collar’ American jobs.”

Never got off the ground to being successful.


Enforce pay-as-you-go budgeting rules. Honor these rules by ending Iraq war, eliminating waste in existing government programs, generating revenue by charging polluters for releasing greenhouse gases and ending “special interest driven corporate loopholes and tax cuts for the wealthy.” Put all non emergency bills, passed by Congress, online for five days, to allow the public to review and comment on them before they are signed into law. Publish searchable, online information about federal grants, contracts, earmarks, loans, and lobbyist contacts with government officials.


  • Make the 2001 and 2003 tax cut permanent.
  • “Major reduction” in the corporate tax code.
  • Double the exemption for dependents.
  • Ban internet taxes and new cell phone taxes.
  • Repeal estate tax and Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • Issue tax credits for health care and medical needs.
  • Give taxpayers the option of filing under current rules or under a two-rate flat tax with “generous deductions for families.”
  • “Religious organizations, charities and fraternal benevolent societies” should not be subject to taxation.


Support “timely and carefully targeted aid to those hurt by the housing crisis so that affected individuals can have a chance to trade a burdensome mortgage for a manageable loan that reflects their home’s market value.” “Government action must not implicitly encourage anyone to borrow more than they can afford to repay.”


Reduce corporate tax rate “so that American companies stay competitive with their foreign counterparts and American jobs can remain in this country.” Encourage agreements to reduce trade barriers that limit market access for U.S. products, commodities and services: “Greater international trade, aggressively advanced on a truly level playing field, will mean more American jobs.” New nuclear energy plants will rejuvenate industrial and manufacturing base, “with nearly 15,000 high-quality jobs created for every new nuclear plant built.”


Impose an immediate moratorium on the earmarking system and reform the appropriations process through full transparency. One-year pause in non-defense, non-veterans discretionary spending. Call for presidential line-item veto. “New authorizations should be offset by reducing another program, and no appropriation should be permitted without a current authorization.”

Health Care and Retirement


All Americans should have coverage they can afford. Families and individuals should have the option of keeping the coverage they have or choosing from a wide array of health insurance plans, including many private health insurance options and a public plan. Coverage should be made affordable for all Americans with subsidies provided through tax credits and other means. Insurance should be portable from job to job.


Strengthen Medicare by cutting costs and protecting seniors from fraud. Fix Medicare’s prescription drug program: “Repeal the prohibition on negotiating prescription drug prices, ban drug companies from paying generic producers to refrain from entering drug markets, and eliminate drug company interference with generic competition.” Phase-out the cap on Medicaid funding and phase-in equal participation in other federal health care assistance programs. Provide Medicaid to more low-income HIV-positive Americans.


Automatically enroll every worker in a workplace pension plan that can be carried from job to job and match savings for low-income working families. Ask those making over $250,000 “to pay a bit more” in payroll taxes for Social Security. (Currently, only income up to $102,000 is subject to the payroll tax).


“We will not replace the current system with the staggering inefficiency, maddening irrationality, and uncontrollable costs of a government monopoly.” Make insurance more affordable and more secure, and give employees the option of owning coverage that is not tied to their job. Every one should receive the same tax benefit as those who are insured through work, whether through a tax credit or other means.


Revive Medicare by rewarding quality care, promoting competition, eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse, and giving patients and providers control over treatment options. Give Medicaid recipients more health care options: “We envision a new Medicaid partnership with the states, improving public health through flexibility and innovation.”

According to reports; Obama took/commandeered 700 bbbbillion dollars from social services to fund his pet project Obama-care. It that what we should consider SOUND economical practices???


“No changes in the system should adversely affect any current or near-retiree. Comprehensive reform should include the opportunity to freely choose to create your own personal investment accounts which are distinct from and supplemental to the overall Social Security system.”

Energy and Environment


Reduce oil consumption by at least 35 percent, or ten million barrels per day, by 2030. “We can’t drill our way to energy independence … we must invest in research and development, and deployment of renewable energy technologies—such as solar, wind, geothermal, as well as technologies to store energy through advanced batteries and clean up our coal plants.” Commit to fast-track investment of billions of dollars over the next ten years to establish a green energy sector. Stand up to “oil companies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbying and political contributions.”


“Implement a market-based cap and trade system to reduce carbon emissions by the amount scientists say is necessary to avoid catastrophic change and we will set interim targets along the way to ensure that we meet our goal.”

We get beat up at every turn. 


Reach out to the leaders of the biggest carbon emitting nations and ask them to join a new Global Energy Forum. “We need a global response to climate change that includes binding and enforceable commitments to reducing emissions, especially for those that pollute the most: the United States, China, India, the European Union, and Russia.”

All lip service from most all countries


“Aggressively support technological advances to reduce petroleum dependence.” Support “accelerated exploration, drilling and development in America, from new oilfields off the nation’s coasts to onshore fields such as those in Montana, North Dakota, and Alaska.” Pursue dramatic increases in the use of all forms of safe, affordable, reliable — and clean — nuclear power. Advocate a long-term energy tax credit equally applicable to all renewable power sources. Modernize the nation’s electricity grid. Support coal-to-liquid and gasification initiatives and investment in the development and deployment of carbon capture and storage technologies.


Support technology-driven, market-based solutions that will decrease emissions. “We can — and should — address the risk of climate change based on sound science without succumbing to the no-growth radicalism that treats climate questions as dogma rather than as situations to be managed responsibly.”

Still talking about it. 


“Because the issue of climate change is global, it must become a truly global concern as well…. It would be unrealistic and counterproductive to expect the U.S. to carry burdens which are more appropriately shared by all.”

The USA carries 99% of the financial burden in almost everything we get involved in. STONE BROKE CASH COW.

National Security


Bring the war to a “responsible end”. Withdraw combat brigades at the pace of one to two per month and complete redeployment within sixteen months. Keep a residual force in Iraq to target terrorists, protect American personnel and support Iraq’s Security Forces, “provided the Iraqis make political progress.”


Send at least two additional combat brigades and seek greater contributions from NATO allies. Build special forces and intelligence capacity; train, equip and advise Afghan security forces; and build Afghan governmental capacity. Help grow Afghanistan’s economy “from the bottom up, with an additional $1 billion in non-military assistance each year.”

We pass out bbbbillions like it is toilet paper. STONE BROKE CASH COW. 


Prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapon with “tougher sanctions and aggressive, principled, and direct high-level diplomacy, without preconditions.” “By going the extra diplomatic mile, while keeping all options on the table, we make it more likely the rest of the world will stand with us to increase pressure on Iran, if diplomacy is failing.”

HUGE BLUNDER whose eventual effects will be devastating.  Yet Obama had his guy Kerry on his knees to get a signature. That and Obama-care were all parts of his wish list. 


Increase the size of the Army by 65,000 troops and the Marines by 27,000 troops.

Just the opposite: W e are cutting our military while every other country is building theirs. Very good strategy.  Come on over fellas, we have our pants down around our knees.  Don’t ever say it can not happen.  Everyone sold ISIS short too. 


Support “constitutional protections and judicial oversight on any surveillance program involving Americans.” Review the current Administration’s warrantless wiretapping program: “We reject illegal wiretapping of American citizens, wherever they live.” (Senator Barack Obama voted for a 2008 bill that expanded that overhauled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and expanded the government’s surveillance power).


Close the detention camp in Guantanamo Bay. “We will not ship away prisoners in the dead of night to be tortured in far off countries, or detain without trial or charge prisoners who can and should be brought to justice for their crimes, or maintain a network of secret prisons to jail people beyond the reach of the law.”

How do issues get so far off track; especially knowing that the released terrorists returned to their murderous activities as soon as they hit their mother-land.  Despite knowing those facts  Obama released them anyway.


No timetable for withdrawal. The outcome is “too critical to our own national security to be jeopardized by artificial or politically inspired timetables that neither reflect conditions on the ground nor respect the essential advice of our military commanders.”


Establish a nationwide counterinsurgency strategy led by a unified commander. Increase number of troops “both from NATO countries and through a doubling in size of the Afghan army.” “We flatly reject the Democratic Party’s idea that America can succeed in Afghanistan only by failure in Iraq.”


Call for a “significant increase in political, economic, and diplomatic pressure” to prevent Iran from pursuing nuclear capability. Tighten sanctions against Iran and the companies with business operations in or with Iran. Oppose “presidential-level, unconditional dialogue with the regime in Iran until it takes steps to improve its behavior. “The U.S. must retain all options” in dealing with Iran.


“Although our country has thwarted new terrorist attacks since 2001, those threats do persist. That is why our reform of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was so vital, and why the Democrats’ opposition to it was so wrong.”


Not mentioned.



Require those “living here illegally but otherwise playing by the rule” to “get right with the law.” Support a system that requires undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, pay taxes, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.

Many of the illegals receive more benefits than some of the citizens of this country. Where is the logic???


Increase the number of immigration visas for family members of people living here and for immigrants who meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill, as long as appropriate labor market protections and standards are in place.


Crack down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants. Establish an employer verification system that is “accurate, fair to legal workers, safeguards people’s privacy, and cannot be used to discriminate against workers.”


Support additional personnel, infrastructure, and technology on the border and at ports of entry. Increase the number Customs and Border Protection agents and equip them with “better technology and real-time intelligence.

I see about 89% of the platforms in red Mr. O professed to in 2008 did not happen.

For the most part, these are the same issues BB is basing her campaign on, along with putting her own spin on things.

What should that tell the American people? The answer is; she intends to follow Obama’ legacy very closely if elected and in 8 years we will still be hearing the SAME O – SAME O sad tales; only then it will be from the bottom of a barrel.

Is it possible I am missing something?? If she is talking about doing the same things her X-boss talked about 8 years ago and still has not come through, why are so many sheep still following her over the cliff?????


At least Trump has an entirely different vision of what has to be accomplished to get the USA back on track. With the best people in the right places, he can get it done.

All things considered, that leaves the good citizens of the USA that participate in the voting process (the ones that don’t vote should keep their %$#@*& mouths shut) in somewhat of a quandary having to pick the best of the worst.


The way I sum it up. Anyone that does not see Trump has issues has got their heads where the sun doesn’t shine.  Is Trump somewhat of a chump??  Trump – Chump, I like it. Yes, in some areas BUT – always the BIG BUT – he is a very patriotic person – doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone – will stand his ground and will fight for the USA – get us back some of the self-respect we deserve – will look for and come up with solutions to the problems that plague our country, instead of covering them up and deceiving the people.

Yet Mr. O claims complete transparency in his administration. Typical politician; deny – deny – deny and then take the 5th. or drink one.

Like  any critical decision we are asked to make in our life; always ask yourself; what is my alternative??? I think the answer is clear.

SAME O – SAME O or      download-3

One thing that stands out with me about Donald? Can he make the adjustment/transition to the meager living condition in the Casa Bianca than he is used to in some of his digs??

Maybe he should just rent it out for 8 years.



Just found on Facebook: Makes a guy want to      56

I just share the facts guys. I don’t make anything up unlike so many other purveyors of information.

Now tell me; who is bull-shitting who?????

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