If it looks like a wire and barks like a wire ….


By all indications, it looks like BB will not resort to any type of deceit or trickery to put down the charge of the Trumpster.


If these pictures are not doctored up, which I don’t expect they are; this is dirty pool at it’s finest.

There have also been pictures circulating that BB was wearing an ear piece.


These are ammunition for Trump in the next debate if in fact the devices are prohibited.

We can take it to the bank; if there are ANY tricks of the trade on how to cheat or beat the system, the Clintons’ know them well or possibly invented them.

I would have thought that the cheaters who assisted BB with the wire, should have cautioned her not to bend over and make them visible.  Not  good cheaters!!!

It is never a good idea to bend over when one doesn’t have to.


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