Slight edge to Trump

The one major difference we see between the two combatants is; what you see with BB (Bill’s Bride) is all a put on superficial facade she has so cleverly developed through her years in politics, cleverly using her well-honed skills in trying to deceit the public. Her best delivery what most politicians deliver, lip service and unattainable promises.

How long would these people last in corporate America with their deceit and under performing? I say, they would not last long enough to open their brown bag at lunch time.

Whenever a person has try so hard to put on an act and does not show their true personality, they constantly have to be on edge being very careful to watch which one of their many characters may emerging.

That false/nervous,  smile/smirk she had on her face many times during the debate last night is one of her many sides that she uses to try to camouflage her true; I WOULD LIKE TO GOUGE YOUR EYE BALLS OUT  personality.  Ask some of the secret agents that lived with her.


Will the real BB please stand up or better yet, not!!! As the old saying goes; we never know a person true character unless we live with them.  I mean, it really is not very polite or lady like  to tell your staff to fuck off.

On the other had; we have Donald Trump; the WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET GUY.

People like Trump can be more at ease in most situations because they do not have to be concerned as to which one of their personalities is going to come out. They are the same all the time.

I did a post awhile back saying that Trump had to get his facial expressions under control when in the hot seat. Last night I will give him about a 85% for his efforts to keep them in check. Meanwhile BB consistently showed her displeasure with that horrible laugh and Joke smile of hers.

6            5

JOKER                                                                    BB   Some O Same O

In my opinion; BB sounded like a SAME O SAME O politician that promises the universe and can only come up with spec of sand on a small island, if that.  She continues to echo what Obama has been saying for 7 + years.  Some O rhetoric;  create jobs – lower taxes on the middle class and raise taxes on the rich ( I hope she remembers she and the clan have a 2 billion dollar slush fund they live off of but it is probably tax exempt) – free college  (never explained how to pay for it) – the war on terrorism – the Same O Same O that has been promised for years. The thing she seems to forget; she has played a big part in the way the country has evolved in the last few years.  That should not be taken as a compliment.

The thing she doesn’t want to admit; she has played a very big part in the way the country has operated for many  years, in all of its sectors, since Obama got into office.  This is an issue that Trump should have hammered on her relentlessly but let her off the hook with just a meer mention.   She is a major contributor to the problems we have today.  Trump should have pounded the hell out of her with that very crucial  fact.


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday made tackling climate change one of her key goals were she to enter the White House, pledging to have more than half a billion solar panels (500,000,000,000) installed nationwide by the end of her first term in office.

Are these people living in fantasy land or what to believe that will ever happen? This is just one of the many preposterous promises BB has made in order to attract voters. The cost of such an undertaking would be astronomical and cost prohibitive. If the panels cost $1,000.00 each (probably a conservative estimate) that would come to $500,000,000,000,000

All in all I don’t think there was a clear victor last night, although Trump made BB stutter a couple of times and BB brought out a couple of grimaces onto Trump’s expressions.

Let us be realistic. There isn’t a successful politician or business person alive that hasn’t stepped over the line or on a few toes at one time or another.  To put things in perspective; any person in high places had to step on someone’s toes or push the envelope in order to get where they are.

What the American people have to decide; do they approve of the conditions in this country that are deplorable, some worse than 3rd world countries?  Do they approve of our military being chopped to shreds and making our country more and more vulnerable to our enemies. Do they approve of the constant cover-ups, good old boy mentality and lies in this administration?  Do they approve of our country being $21,000,000,000,000,000 in debt because of mismanagement and give-aways?  Do they approve of the despicable conditions of our infrastructures that are in shambles ( some time crossing a bridge, the driver has to hope they reach the other side before the structure collapses)? Do they approve of the once most powerful nation in the world being humiliated and taken advantage by all of the worlds leaders?  Do they approve of the millions of jobs lost because of impossible regulations for companies? Do the approve of 1,000’s of companies going to other countries to do business? It seems to be the mentality of our government officials that companies and their owners are not supposed to be profitable. Ask many of them how they accrued all of their wealth. The USA has become a joke in world affairs. All the USA does is trying to buy other countries friendship by

The USA has become a joke in world affairs. All the USA does is trying to buy other countries friendship by give away billions when we are dead broke. Does it make sense? Ask they 10’s of 1,000’s of people who are living in carboard boxes under bridges and the other that can’t afford food or medicine.


Dudes; we are 21 trillion dollars in debt and we are donation to 140 countries in the world. Is that where the taxpayers money is supposed to go??? I don’t think so; charity is supposed to begin at home.

Wanna throw out?  Look at the clock.


The United States provided approximately $35 billion in economic aid to over 140 countries* in fiscal year 2014. In the map below the relative size of each country is proportionate to the aid received from the United States and the color of each country indicates GDP per capita. 

When Trump talks about oil rich countries that we are defending at NO COST to them; he is absolutely right.  If they woant to call the USA mercinaries, so be it. At least we can cover our losses with their contributions.  The Uncle Sam giveaway should be stopped immediately.

Why should we be handing out billions to 140 countries when some of them are more financially set than we are. I don’t want to hear about any agreement that was signed 50 years ago. That was then and this is now. Get out the paper shredder.

Many of these arrangements have been set up or implemented while BB has been in politics. She will not admit that people like her are the ones responsible for the condition our country is in.  Now all of a sudden she is going to make drastic changes to USA when she hada hand in developing them.   She is the one that said she was going to follow Obama legacy to the hilt.  Lord have mercy on us!!!!!!

Spoken like a true politicians. I would think she was smarter than to say something like that.  That is like a guy runner for mayor in Chicago that says Al Capone  was his hero. How many votes should he get???

At least we can take to the bank about 70% of what Trump is campaigning on; that is 69% more than we can bank on with BB .

What is it that Trump said at the end of the debate?  Something to the affect that he was going to say something very negative about the family and decided not to???? Interesting. Maybe in the next debate.

However you slice it, it is still bologna. Optimistically the good voting citizens of this country will see through the deciept and back-door dealing that BB and crew has been entrenched for years, that has put the USA in its unacceptable conditions and make them come to a screching hault.


Only a fool keeps putting their hand in the same flame and burning the hell out of it!!






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