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Obama on Trump: ‘Even most 8-year-olds’ know slavery was a bad time for black people


President Barack Obama sharply criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for saying earlier this week that the black community is in the worst shape it’s “ever been in before.”

“I think even most 8-year-olds will tell you that whole slavery thing wasn’t very good for black people,” Obama told ABC News in an interview that aired Friday on “Good Morning America.” “Jim Crow wasn’t very good for black people. What we have to do is use our history to propel us to make even more progress in the future.”
Mr. O;  sometime the truth hurts; especially if the person in the conversation has been major contributor to the conditions.
The one major  issue that Obama could have addressed and didn’t, that would he remedied many of our issues; not forming an organization like FDR did, WPA, (Works Progress Administration) that would have put millions of people to work.  A wise person learns from other people’s actions.
BUT – THE BIG BUT; that would have meant that people in the program would have to work for a living and that 4 letter word WORK is poison in their vocabulary.  That was one of Obama’s major campaigning points, creating jobs  and 7 + years never got it off first base.

FDR creates the WPA

On this day in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs an executive order creating the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The WPA was just one of many Great Depression relief programs created under the auspices of the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act, which Roosevelt had signed the month before. The WPA, the Public Works Administration (PWA) and other federal assistance programs put unemployed Americans to work in return for temporary financial assistance. Out of the 10 million jobless men in the United States in 1935, 3 million were helped by WPA. That is how problems are resolved by action not lip service.


As far as the slavery issue goes; the black people deserve as much of the blame for that period of time as the white people.  Chew on this article.
Should have slavery ever happened?  Absolutely not BUT – Always the BIG BUT, the black people were as much at fault as the whites were way back when.
We can chop this up – dissect it – chew it up and spit it out but the facts and history will never change.  We can not change the past but we can change the future.  In all honesty I don’t see that happening.
The USA’s conditions are like a guy that was in a severe car accident. He broke both legs – both arms – broke his back – fractured his skull – severed his penis – found out he has terminal cancer and every other illness you can think of.  For all intents and proposes this poor guy is beyond repair. He has too much things wrong with him.
Sad to say, I think that is a fair assessment of the condition of the USA; there are too many broken issues to deal with. I try to be optomistic but condition make it hard to be a believer.
Mr. O may not want to admit it, because he was supposed to be The Great Black Hope for his people; the unemployment thing never happened.  Anyone that can say the racial environment is better today than it was 8 years ago has some serious problems.
One part of the statement Obama made was; What we have to do is use our history to propel us to make even more progress in the future.”  I totally agree with him but it is the responsibility of the people in high  places to set the tone.  Just like Kapredick, they will not get off the bench.

Speaking of Kaperdick; because of the anti-American shenanigans he started, Friday night the Castlemont High School Knights in Oakland, engaged in shameful display of anti-American behavior.


Evidently Kaperdick was at the game and encouraged  the team into being a solid, disrespectful ass hole as he is. “I had to come out here and stand with y’all, So I appreciate what y’all did. I love y’all. Y’all my brothers — I’m here with you.”

With that Kaperdick got  back into his Rolls and returned to his palatial mansion; the place and all of the accessories he was able to purchase because the USA is so racist to him and his people.  I would have liked to see him show his gratitude to the team by inviting  them to shack up with him for a month or so.

Kaperdick is like all many of the politicians we have in DC. As long as they do not have to crawl out of their cave and live like the little people do, they could care less.

If they are going to talk the talk, they have to walk the walk the walk like Little Richard did.

The mystery of Little Richard’s religious conversion solved

14/02/2013 , 5:31 PM by Emma James

Little Richard

Little Richard was doing a tour in Australia when the plane he was riding in developed engine problems.  He made God a promise; if THE MAN would save his life, he would devote himself to him the rest of his life.

As the tale goes, the plane did land safely.  Little Richard as promised stood on the rail of the bridge and threw all his jewelry into the Brisbane River and changed his life forever.  Who knows if it is really true but it makes for good conversation.

The moral of this tale is; if we talk the talk, we have to walk the walk.  To all of the high-flyers; don’t just put on a performance  because the cameras are on you;  get down and dirty with the little people and throw away all of your jewelry into the river of dispair.

The general sits on top of the hill and commands his troops to CHARGE but he never leaves his safe zone.

Let us all quit pointing the fingers. When you point one finger at someone else, you have 3 other pointing back at you.

The conditions of the world are everyone’s fault and it will take everyone to correct them.

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