What about terrorism??????

Brad Pitt, accused of child abuse, is under investigation

I don’t really know if I view certain issue different from most people???? I have always characterized my efforts by executing them in  the order of their importance.

The word is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is getting involved into the case of Brad Pitt possible abuse of his kids. I don’t believe it.


To start with; I think that the word ABUSE has been used very recklessly  in the past few pathetic PC years.  Ideally before they media throws the hang mans noose over the limb of a tree, they should be more specific on exactly what they are printing.

The word abuse covers a very broad range of circumstances from, a person smacking the ass of their out of control kid to a father having sex with his daughter and many more grotesque examples.

The accusations about Pitt abusing his kids supposedly happened on a private plane. Who but his old lady and some staff could have been on the plane to observe and made the complaint?? If I were a betting man I would say; if he did abuse his kid, it had to be an ass smacking that they probably needed.

Unfortunately; when a husband and wife are splitting, what is the most damaging or treacherous accusation that can be made about them??? Right, child abuse.  That one word abuse in this day and age throws up about 1,000 red flags.

Personally, I think the accusations against Pitt are trumped up.  Ask Angelina’s father if she is a vindictive person.


I am very anxious to see if my intuition is correct.

As far as the FBI getting involved; isn’t there MANY more pressing issues that they can concentrated on other than some guy swatting a kids ass that may have needed it?? Just a thought.


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