Left hand on the bible

Bill Clinton delivers emotional defense of charitable foundation

NEW YORKBill Clinton delivered an emotional defense of his family’s charitable foundation Wednesday, applauding those who have contributing for having “validated hope and possibilities.”

Shake-spear: Believe or not to believe, that is the question!!

This is the answer: If Wild Bill told me his name was William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton, I would have a hard time believing him.

How can anyone be so gullible or naive be after listening to this WHOPPER????

This downright lie and attempt to download (4)the American people should go down in the history books as one of, if not the most deceitful statement coming from an sitting or should I say LAYING president ever.


Last night the X-president was copping a plea about the validity of  the Multi-Billion dollar  Clinton Foundation. I will agree that it has many positive sides to it servicing needy organizations but based on his track record, I think many of it’s entities are a fronts for the family’s self-serving enterprises.

Slick Willie has become so efficient at spinning yarn; he could make John Andrew Boehner shed a tear.


From what I am seeing, it looks like the little lady, with the help of Slick Willie are sitting on a sliding board covered with Crisco.

Not that polls mean anything at this juncture but Trump is now ahead of whats her name; depending on who you talk to.





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