Discipline is the answer


Eat Mediterranean diet for a healthier and younger brain, studies say

How much money is spent each year on the thousands of diets out there that possibly would work but the vast majority of people are too undisciplined or lazy to follow through with them.

Who do we see as the spokespeople for the diet commercials? Supermodels and stars that spend more $oldi at their sculptures practices than they do buying a new home.

I don’t know how many people have noticed; after every weight loss commercial, there is a note in very small print that states; used in conjunction with the proper diet and exercise. 

The fact of the matter, for the majority of the world’s population; they are not disciplined and are too lazy to follow through with commitments.

How long does a New Year’s resolution last you may ask? About 20 minutes after the ball drops.

It has taken some of the people all their life to get in the poor condition they are in and expect a little pill to change their life in a month.

I don’t know how many people watch the TV program; My 600-pound life?  It is very sad that anyone could punish themselves as these people have.

I saw on guy on the tube the other day that weighed 1069 pounds.


He is even hard to look at. The only thing he has going for him; when it rains his shoes don’t get wet.

Self-control and discipline are the two components that rule our lives in so many different areas.  Without either one of them, we might as well lay in the middle of the street and let a bus run over us.

People spend 20 BBBBBillion dollars a year on weight loss programs. That is a BBB not an MMM.


It is hilarious; usually following most weight loss commercials on the tube, we have a commercial from a national pizza chains that are advertising 2 large pizzas for $9.95 or a burger joint selling 2 burgers, two fries and a soft drink for a fin (5 bucks).  It is astounding how just many commercials there are on the tube for food.

It is astounding how just many commercials there are on the tube for food. They have to drive someone on the edge nuts. The temptation has to be enormous. Subliminal.

Then we have all of the food channels that would crumble even the best of us to raid the refrigerator during a commercial. Let’s face it; they are out to do us in by tempting us to eat ourselves to an early grave.

I used to watch Adam Richman on Man versus Food and waited to see him drop over of a heart attack.


For the most part, using common sense, it is not what we eat but the portions we eat.  With the proper diet, exercise and most importantly discipline, we can eat anything we want.

25 Fattening Foods You Should Never Eat


It is not necessary to become a fanatic but by using common sense on what we eat and the portions, that is the solution. Not only will we look better but more importantly, we will feel better.

Look at our normal meals, breakfast, lunch and supper as healthy ways of eating for longevity. Everything else has a rat trap attached to it. Every time we are tempted to cheat, envision a rat trap slams down on our fingers. With a good imagination, it should not take too many times before a smart person catches on.

One day I was having lunch in a pizza place. There were two ladies at the next table that both were twice as big I was. They both ordered a large pizza each, and yes, a diet soda.

Folks; save your money on all of those diet crazes that are going to cost you big money. Go out and buy a book on self-discipline.

In general, most of the people today get about 1/10th of the exercise we got 20 – 50 years ago. Modern technology has turned us into lethargic, lazy people. Don’t be a couch potato;


get off of your butt and move around. Even 10 – 15 minutes of exercise is better than nothing. Develop a pattern that you follow every day. Make exercising part of your life; not the absents of it be a contributor to an early grave.

Remember; for the most part; it is not what you eat but how much of what you eat; the lack of discipline and exercise that are the culprits.

Most people are their own worst enemies.

Bona petite.




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