Open the Casa Bianca doors

Obama to UN: World must do more to help refugees

Sep. 20, 2016 – 1:46 – President says nations have to follow through ‘even when the politics are hard’

Obama to UN: World must do more to help refugees


When a person makes a personal sacrifice by digging into their coffers or moving out of their bed to make room for another; that is what I would consider a very unselfish – caring – benevolent person.

It is very easy to stand on the top of the mountain like some generals have done  in battle and yell charge but never leave their station of security.

For all of the do-gooder politicians that continually want to  keep the  refuge doors open but not inconveniencing themselves, I think that is very noble of them.

I am beginning to wonder if our president has any idea  what a can of  worm his is opening up for future generations?????

Take a good look the next time you are in a big city and ask yourself what you see. The personal landscape that used to exist 20 years ago is virtually gone. Give it 10 – 15 more years. At the rate we are  going their will not be many Americans in this country that were born here.  15 – 20 years down the road, it will be totally unrecognizable.

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So much for opening the refugee doors wider Mr. O.

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