PC does not get it!!!!!

Every time there is a terrorist attack of any nature; BB’s chances of winner The Big Chair is diminished greatly.

Because of her PC nature and her dedication to the Obama way of doing business, it takes her down a couple notches every time there is an attack in this country, big or small.



Part of the reason we are having the attacks on our home turf is because the terrorist’s situation was not handled properly across the pond as it could have been.  These animals could have been snuffed out in their infancy but that was not the PC thing to do.  The administration that doesn’t know anything about military procedures wanted to and did run the show; now we can see what the consequences are.

In The Trumpster’s case; he is smart enough to let the carpenter do the sawing.  He will restore our military to its former strength and make it even stronger; plus appoint military experts that know how to TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.

Only a fool over-steps their capabilities and does not take the advice of experts in the field.

The USA has fallen so far behind by succumbing  to this PC nonsense it is pathetic.  PC does not win the war or help protect our citizens.  The terrorists have to be fought at their level and in language they understand. Gotta take the fight to them!!!!

I grant you there is a very small percentage of rogue cops that are out of control but 95% or more of them are dedicated people putting their lives on the line to protect the citizens of this country. It is ironic that they are protecting the people that are trying to take them down.Just like in the military; what do their superiors do? They take them to the shores of Lake Michigan, put handcuffs on them and tell them to swim across the lake. It can not be done.

Just like in the military; what do their superiors do? They take them to the shores of Lake Michigan, put handcuffs on them, push them into the water  and tell them to swim across the lake. It can not be done.

Optimistically; Trump will get elected and take the cuffs off of the military, local, state and federal  peace-keepers and let them do what they were trained for.

If BB is elected (her chances are looking worse every day), it will be business as usual and this country will continue to decline and eventually pay the ultimate price.

Incidents like in Jersey and New York are going to increase in intensity and frequency.

When dealing with madmen and women, there is only one language ( a metaphor) they understand.  We have to be as violent as they are – strike them before they strike us.  That is how wars are won, not by being PC (Pathetic Cowards).

Ladies and gents; we are in a war on our home turf.  It will only get worse as we are witnessing if it is not snuffed out completely. Let us unite to try and salvage this country.




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2 Responses to PC does not get it!!!!!

  1. Pete says:

    You have hit another one out of the park… thanks for your great writing.

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