Mixed emotions

Penn State to honor late Nittany Lions coach Joe Paterno

I have mixed emotions about Penn State honoring Joe Pa Pa Paterno.


There is no denying  what a terrific person he was, on and off the grid iron and his contributions to society and the kids he love immensely BUT. THE BIG BUT!!!!

It has been establishes/proven that Joe was aware of the Sandusky’s sexual molestation activities and did nothing about it. Like ALL of the Bishops – Cardinals and the Pope in the Catholic Church who covered up for all of their pedophile priests for the sake of the reputation and the $$$$$; to me, that is inexcusable. No mixed emotions.



The sick  bitch is smiling

I have always maintained; who is worse;  the sick bastards that molest kids or the people who cover it up??  Supposedly the molester has to be mentally disturbed so they have a minute excuse  but the people that cover it up have all of their marbles and should do whatever they have to shut the sickos down.

If some of these crimes were reported in their infancy, there would have been a lot fewer victims.

Do I fell bad that after all Pa Pa Joe did, he had to go out in disgrace? Yes BUT- THE BIG BUT; he turned his back on the situation that could have been nipped in the bud many years before it was.

I did this post 4 years and 2 months ago


I say leave well enough alone. People can remember Joe for all of his good deeds if they chose and the great example he set for all the people who crossed his path. Or, BUT – THE BIG BUT!!!

Old Italian say: a person can do 10,000 things good and one thing bad in their life – what they will be most remembered for is the one BUT -THE BIG BUT!!!  

Una persona può fare 10.000 le cose buone e una cattiva cosa nella loro vita – quello che sarà più ricordato per è quella MA -IL grande ma !!!


LOGO  gg

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3 Responses to Mixed emotions

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Paterno wanted to avoid scandal to the school and to the sport. Old time thinking.
    TThatt’s aboutt itt. No ifs, ands or (big) butts.

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