Bigamy Charges Filed After Wife Finds Telltale Receipt:

In Italian we call people like Arturo Reid an Italian fog or a Big-A-Mist. 


Dapper Dude

I would think that any normal man or women could handle only one marriage at a time. The people who go outside the boundaries have to be fabulous bull-shitters with very good memory’s.  It has to be a gigantic task remembering what the hell they told little lady # 1 and what they told little lady # 2 to keep their lies straight.

Arturo R. Reid, 65, before he got nailed to the cross, was one of those that took tip toeing through the tulips to extremes. He had one wife in New York and another on in Allentown PA..

Reid got a little sloppy and left some receipts out in the open that Little Lady # 1 found that she did not recognize.  That is when she put the hammer in the over-sexed hubby.

Wife # 1 Annette Reid, 70, whom Reid married in New York City in 2004, found a receipt showing her hubby had paid for a license to marry another woman, identified in police documents as “IR-T,” in Allentown, Pa. Police say there’s no documentation to show Reid divorced his first wife before his March 13, 2015, wedding because, well, there never was a divorce. Authorities say that Reid had this arrangement going on not years but decades.

I always like to keep things in perspective although they may have entirely different origins or circumstances.

According to the law in the State of New York, Reid faces up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine if convicted.

BB ( we all know who BB is by now) broke the law repeatedly and deliberately. Through her negligence, she could have and probably did cause very serious harm to the security of the USA. It may have not have surfaced yet but it certainly may in the future.  She is walking away clean and this Big-A-Mist may get 2 years in the slams and a $5,000.00 fine. I just love the judicial system in this country.

BB’s old man’ well; he got a slap on the wrist for his shenanigans. Let  the records speak for them-self.

Every story has a moral to it. This one is; if a person is going &$*@ up, do it big time because the penalties are much less, especially if the culprit is connected.

There is no way Wild Bill should have ever skated Scott-free for his indiscretions.  This was only one of hundreds.

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