Reverse positions for a week

ACLU: Students have right to sit during Pledge of Allegiance

Someone is invited for an extended stay at a person’s home. They have maid service – a swimming pool – air conditioned cabana – their meals are prepared by a gourmet chef  – amenities galore – all of their expenses are paid.

At some point in their stay, the ungrateful house guest decides they have not been treated well enough.  Wha do they do; they spits in the face of their benefactor and tells  them to kiss their ass.

This may be a little stretch of the imagination  but in essence it has the same elements attached as those who are disrespecting our country, especially by the multi-million dollar athletes that have been Kaper-sizing the USA.

Disrespecting our country is not the answer to their dilemmas. Their solution should be getting to the origin of their conflicts and correct them.

Their disrespect has created exactly what these instigators  wanted; a trickled down effect  by some other fools (sports figures) and has fallen very heavily on some very impressionable kids in this country that follow the pack.

Because of their substandard  way of being raised by irresponsible people (can’t say parents, many of them don’t know who they are)  that did not have good examples set for them. People like them can be very easy swayed one way or another. All they have to do is witness a bunch of very wealthy, pampered, prima-donna  sports figures who they look-up-to  be disrespectful to our country  and they jump on the band wagon right away.

The ironic part of this scenario; the same country that is being Kaper-sized by these fools is the same country that protects them for disrespecting  it.

To me, this is not the issue as to whether the black people have a legitimate complainants because they do but they just happen to be the root of their own problems.

I would like to see a movement in their community begin to concentrate on educating their young ones not to go down the same road as their  criminal element has.

Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks committed half of homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, black people committed 52% of homicides. In 2013, black criminals committed 38% of the murders. Whites accounted for just 31 percent.Nov 28, 2015

If the do not address the root of their problem, it will NEVER – EVER be resolved.

Has anyone in their hierarchy ever thought of getting these deadly statistics down??  The way I see it, they should be doing everything in their power to reduce the crime rate, that in most cases (not all) gives the cops the just causes to accost them.

What should be the reaction of anyone that runs across this crew. If they look like a mob and act like a mob; what should they be labeled???


How is a cop supposed to approach these people?

The only thing these guys know is violence. Is it totally their fault?  Not totally because they have been raised under miserable circumstances.  BUT at some point  in their personal lives they have to quit blaming everyone for their faults and take responsibility for their own actions. That is not the life-style they aspire to, they want to be gangsters. They want to be gangsters but also want to be treated with kid-gloves. Can’t have it both way Fellas!!

Many people argue the people who are disrespecting our country have a right to do it under the constitution. I totally agree, they are correct. My biggest concern is that this disrespect is going to turn into a shit storm of anti-government activities somewhere down the road.  I think what we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of anti-American activities in the USA.

My suggestion to the black community is; clean up your house first. Under the circumstances, I don’t think they have a totally legitimate complaint.  Cut the crime rate dramatically and theoretically it will  eliminate a vast percentage of the police brutality.


Wanna go out for a milk shake fellas?? 

I am not laying all of the lawlessness in the country on the black community;  what I am suggesting, they have a problem that only they can resolve.  Demonstrations are great BUT  disrespecting the country they live in IS UNACCEPTABLE.

For one week I would like to reverse the conditions the good cops have to deal with. Have both entities switch side and let mobsters see why they are treated the way they are.

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