PA Lottery Pigs

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It seems that the Pigs who run the Pa Lottery are not making enough money on their daily games.  For all of the fools (including me) that play the lottery looking for their Shot in the Dark, the odds of the winning has just sky-rocketed even higher than before.


The PA Lottery Pigs just added a kicker to all of their daily games that increases the odds against winning astronomically.


The Pennsylvania Lottery has launched “Wild Ball,” an optional add-on that gives players more chances to win the daily numbers games.

The new feature is available for all of its “PICK” games (Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5), which are drawn twice daily. The first drawings featuring the new add-on were on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

“Adding Wild Ball to your PICK ticket could allow you to win multiple times on a single play, making it even more fun to play and win,” said Pennsylvania Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko.

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Anyone that plays the lottery knows that the added ball makes the chances of winning much harder.


If all of the suckers would boycott the lottery for a month, the PA Pigs would have to remove that kicker number.  This may just be a tst market to see how it goes over with the public?????

Guys; the little people do not stand a chance in this corrupted world. We are at the mercy of our incompetent, controlling government – big business  – domineering/controlling  bosses we have to work for  – pathetic politicians and their mismanagement of the government –  even sports teams that many people are addicted to.  The list is endless.

We are just robots that are being maneuvered by our master controllers.

Most people don’t have the sense or desire to boycott sport events as long as some ignorant people in our country continue to be disrespectful.  By them attending the events, they are showing their approval for what is taking place.

What is more important to some American people; a &*^$*@$ football game or their country?? I think the masses have spoken.

The little guys are like mesmerized zombies following whatever is put in front of them. Most people do not have the guts to stand up against the establishment and show their dissatisfaction with business as usual.

What the hell ever happened to when men were men and women acted like they were – when parents were a good influence on their kids – when people of all races respected authority and our country, when big business did not scam the hell out of their consumers?

The PC pathetic society that has emerged in the last few years  that has enveloped our society. It is like a slow-growing cancer that is eating up patriotism – principles that made this country a respected force and world leader and destroyed all of the family values that were present in the 30’s – 40’s & 50’s.

After those time periods, when free sex – dope smoking fools – the  hippie movement – anti-establishment and the anti-American movements started – depletion of family values – absentee parents – this country took a dive into the shitter.

It started moving so slowly that no one noticed but in the last few years it has become very apparent; what once made the USA great barely exists.

The evidence is right in front of us and not many people wants to make a move against the offenders because they are afraid to being called racists, they are ignorant,  anti-American themselves or all of them combined. They are all PC-pathetic.

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This is a far cry from where this post started with the Pigs with the PA lottery but they are all tied together with the sad evolution of the USA; screwing and taking advantage of the public.

Keep you heads buried in the sand FOLKS; the Vasoline movement is picking up steam.

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The days of 

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are in the rear-view mirror. Sad to say, it is every man for himself. 

When are the American people going to quit being doormats???? Probably never.


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4 Responses to PA Lottery Pigs

  1. Rifleman III says:

    I’m playing the lottery since 1980. Won a grand total of $72.00. Stopped playing this past May, but I think after the New Year, I will play, again. I got that feeling… (Somebody, kick me, please.)

  2. Pete says:

    Reblogged this on Pete's Alaska and commented:
    Don’t hold back tell me exactly how you feel… The powers to be weather state or federal know the masses will never join en-mass and protest unless they are squeezed so hard it hurts… So we deplorables must continue to be frustrated, hope for a miracle and keep our dollars in our pocket. Thanks for another great posting!

  3. KD says:

    As a 20-year PA Lottery player, I am frequently amazed/disgusted at the ways the state lottery tries to get more of my money. However, while I agree with the spirit of your article, the substance of your information about the Wild Ball is incorrect. The “Wild Ball” number does not change the established prizes or increase the odds for the “Pick” games at all. The games can still be played exactly as before, with exactly the same prizes, without the optional Wild Ball. What the Wild Ball actually does is provide a number that the player can substitute for one drawn digit, if having the digit drawn for the Wild Ball would make the difference between a winning and a losing ticket. For instance, if you played 1-2-3 straight, and the wild ball was 4, and the lottery drew the number 1-2-4, (or 4-2-3, or 1-4-3), that Wild 4 would take the place of your 1, 2, or 3, and you would win something (a lesser prize, not a greater one) rather than losing outright. It’s still a money ploy, to be sure, and while I don’t agree at all with our greedy governments, I also believe that they deserve to be criticized in truth, lest our own positions be cheapened.

    • Thanks for the response KD. Maybe I was just looking at something to bitch about that day. Keep reading keep reading the Goomba Gazette and pass it on to your friends Semper Fi thanks again

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