Find something they can do

It seems that congress has a very difficult time get anyone to testify or even show up when they subpoena them to appear. So they found something else to do to try to justify their pathetic positions.

Lately, concert ticket sales have become a very big thing especially for the more popular groups. When the ticket go on sales on-line, they are immediately snapped up in a matter of second or minutes by what we may want to call; legal scalperes.  Once they have the tickets, they sell them for outrageously inflated  prices sometimes at 10 times the amount of the original selling price or more.

Being congress is not good at anything else – can’t get anyone respect them except possibly a drunk bum that jay-walked; so they decided to stick their nose into putting the kobash on ticket scalpers to justify the big bucks they make.

It truly is a shame;  with all of the pressing National Security matters in the USA, congress has decided to hassle people who are more creative than they are.

They should stick to what they do best.

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  1. Rifleman III says:

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    Congress, is only fit for Latrine Duty.

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