Fox News

Trump: Hillary could shoot people and not get arrested


I like people to judge for themselves.

Hillary Clinton’s Top 10 Scandals


These incidents are just what we know about FOLKS. The dynamic duo’s antics go all the way back to college days when drugs – free sex and alcohol (didn’t matter in what order) were the name of the game. But that is OK;  Willie claimed he never inhaled.

Just like in the Cosby case; even if 50% of the accusations are on the money, that should be  very damning.

These videos are just some of 1,000’s of examples what seasoned liars they are. They do it with a straight face and not even blinking an eye. They are really good.


2FC06A6400000578-0-image-m-71_1452607212591       download (1)

The absolute best one.


If I watch this video 1,000 times I will never get over how devious and deceptive this man is.

When someone has been  beating the system as long as she and her hubby has; that may raise some eyebrows of some of the more intelligent people in this country as to if The Trumpsters is accurate with his assumption???????????


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