Scored 11 out of a possible 10

Philippines leader Duterte expresses regret over foul-mouthed Obama comments:

After the fact, the Philippine president is probably worried that in retaliation Obama is going to cut off foreign aid to his country.

According to our research engine:
The U.S. Government gave a total of $197,036,510 to Philippines in 2012:

The aid was broken down in the following manner:

  • Child Survival and Health: $-420
  • Department of Defense Security Assistance: $75,490
  • Development Assistance: $79,721,515
  • Economic Support Fund/Security Support Assistance: $456,217
  • Global Health and Child Survival: $34,153,032
  • Millennium Challenge Corporation: $4,439,091
  • Narcotics Control: $4,286,840
  • Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related: $9,549,582
  • Other Active Grant Programs: $6,403,834
  • Other Food Aid Programs: $11,824,000
  • Other State Assistance: $2,746,441
  • Other USAID Assistance: $8,619,065
  • Peace Corps: $3,388,723


  • Military Assistance, Total: $31,373,100

Adding the totals all together, that is some serious ging a ling to be throwing stones at. It is calling; biting the hand that feeds them!!



The president of the Philippines scored a whopping 11 out of a possible 10 when he (sounded on) attacked Mr. O’s mother  by playing the dozens.

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It is customary for the Dozens to be played in front of an audience of bystanders, who encourage the participants to reply with more egregious insults to heighten the tension and, consequently, to be more interesting to watch.

The object of the game is to insult the shit out of your adversary and beat them into the ground without laying a glove on them.   That is not my cup of tea. I have seen people get a serious ass whooping (hospital stays) over playing the dozens.

Duterte got down and dirty on Obama’s case  when he called him the son of a whore.  Now that is some serious getting down.

The nasty comment came after Mr. O put in his 45 cents into how the Philippine leader disposes of drug dealers.

Evidently, Obama expressed his opinion/conceern  on how Duterte disposes of his garbage and Duterte took offense to it.

The two leaders were supposed to have a sit-down to discuss world affairs but after Duterte called Obama a “son of a whore” and warned Obama not to question him over extrajudicial killings, Obama got tight jaws and canceled the talks.

More than 2,000 suspected drug pushers and users have been killed since Duterte launched a war on drugs after taking office on June 30. That is not a bad thing if all of the people killed were actually guilty of their crimes.  I would call that being pro-active.

It stands to reason that a guy like Obama who released 1,000’s of felons after the courts have found them guilty, some for serious crimes, would be opposed to  killing people just like them.

I don’t see any other country coming to the USA and tell us how to run our governmen because it is none of their business. Based on our circumstances, in some situations it may not be a bad idea.

So here we are FOLKS. The law of the land in the Philippines is as follows:

Drug Laws in the Philippines. The Philippines Dangerous Drugs Act prescribes the death penalty for drug traffickers caught with at least 0.3 ounces of opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana resin, or at least 17 ounces of marijuana.

That certainly is a way to get rid of the trash. Just as it is in Singapore. The rules and regulations are written in stone. If they are not obeyed , the offenders have to suffer the consequences. To me, that is fair and pretty cut and dry.

I don’t condone Duterte playing the dozens with the President of the USA, just because of the office he represents. It is like the women that told her husband; I love you but I hate what you do!!  I have the utmost respect for the office but do not like many things Mr. O has or hasn’t done while sitting in the Big Chair.


No one should ever attack  or play the dozens game using someone else’s mother as a target. Maybe their old man but mothers have always been considered sacred and out-of-bounds. At the same time; possibly Mr. O should keep his opinions to himself.

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