Everyone deserves a chance.

Fox Sports

Smooth Sailing! Navy plucks QB from seats, helps top Fordham:

I have often said; there is so much talent sitting on the bench because they have never had a chance to showcase their skills.

Yesterday Malcolm Perry got his shot and came away smelling like a $1,000.00 bouquet of roses.

He marched into the stadium wearing his Navy dress whites with the rest of his swabbie comrades to watch the game and walked out a hero.


During the game the quarterback Tango Smith got blasted and was unable to finish the game.

Perry, who was a questionable player at one time,  was literally plucked from the stands at halftime; came in the game and pulled off a 52-16 victory over Fordham.

This should serve as an example to other coaches and people in positions of hiring, not to tell a book by it’s cover and to give everyone (with-in reason) a fair chance to demonstrate their skills.

There are some real diamonds in the rough out there that just need a chance and a little polishing.

A diamond in a pile of coal shows the evolution of a precious gem.


Everyone deserves a chance.  There just may be some super-stars hidden away in your warehouse. You never will know unless they are given a chance to win the game.

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