Patriotism is virtually DEAD in this country

Santa Clara police threaten to boycott 49ers games in wake of Kaepernick controversy

Patriotism or the lack of is a major problem in this country.  The masses unite only when there is a catastrophe like 911, then 3 days later when  the dust settles  it blows away like tumble weed in the Vegas Desserts.

In my post 8-27-16 I said; if the fans had any balls, they would have walked out of the game and showed their allegiance to the flag and the USA in protest to this pampered, over paid, sub-par football players and his anti-Americans behavior.

Now the cops are talking about possibly – possiby  – possibly boycotting the games. There should be no hesitation in their decision. Not to mention the fact that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback wore socks that bear the image of cartoon pigs wearing police hats.

If that is not bad enough ; the money-hungry pigs at  E-Bay (the should be labeled  “F” Bay)  are selling the pig socks.

download (5)  for 15.99 a pair.

This is another company I will never do business with again.  They are about as low on the food chain as any sleazy  money mongering company can get.

Not just some of the fans but all of the fans should walk out of any game this bum is playing in or anyone else like him. The players of the team should ostracize him – the owners. who by the way have made billions in the USA,  should shit can him even if it means losing a few dollars. They certainly can afford it.

A message has to be sent to the other players of any sport that support this type of behavior, it will not be tolerated.  The end result of this type of movement is going to  trickle do to all of the sympathizers, mostly kids that idolize them.

People like Kaepernick do not want to get to the root of the problem and admit that a very high percentage of the existing circumstances/conditions in our race relations are attributed to the actions and crimes of his own people.

Do we see any of the Kaepernicks’  out there stressing to their community to STOP the violence – killings and breaking of the law??

In all fairness; percentage wise, I will grade the situation between the cops violence and the blacks at 10- 15% the cops fault and I am being generous – with 85 – 90% or more the fault of the black gangsters/thugs.  This is a side to the story the Kaepernicks’ does not  want to talk about.

The numbers vary but it is estimated that 58% of the crimes are committed by the blacks in the USA but they make up only 13% of the population.

These are the number from August 2016 insane place called The Windy City.

Final August Totals
Shot & Killed: 81
Shot & Wounded: 400
Total Shot: 481
Total Homicides: 91


Week in Progress (8/28 – 9/3)
Shot & Killed: 15
Shot & Wounded: 92
Total Shot: 107
Total Homicides: 15


Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 449
Shot & Wounded: 2480
Total Shot: 2929
Total Homicides: 497


I don’t see any CELEBS that are kept in such high-regard going to  these bullet riddled black communities preaching to the thugs to put the weapons away.  At this point I don’t know if it would  make any difference but their effort still is not present.

If a person cuts their hand or any other place on their body – if they do not clean out the wound sufficiently  and get to the root of the injury, that wound will continue to get infected until that  part of the body may no longer be able to be to be salvaged.

The moral of the story is; get to the root of a wound – do what needs to be done to stop the infection from spreading and possible that area of the body that was injured may be salvageable.  Hard situations need to be addressed by making hard decisions.

As for the Kaepernicks’ in this country, the old saying goes; before you criticize my dirt house you better clean up your first.

Lets get patriotism going again in this country and start boycotting any anti-Americans that do not share in our values. It should not be about money or fame, it should be about respecting the flag that symbolizes what America stands for.

If any races should know about RESPECT it should be the black race. They have strives and hungered  for years to get the RESPECT they think they deserve. Respect is earned not given.

download (3)

Let us all make it a point to boycott E-bay for  being such money-hungry pigs by selling these  un-American, anti-cop socks.

american flag

LOGO  gg


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2 Responses to Patriotism is virtually DEAD in this country

  1. Pete says:

    You writing is dead on. I have also written about the lack of respect but in my case it was about parents not instilling that respect in their children, and now we are reaping the disastrous effects of young adults and teenagers who have absolutely no respect for authority.

    • Pete that seems to be the new trend in our screwed-up society. If the parents are ignorant how are they going to teach their kids. I really do not see it turn around in these deplorable conditions

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