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Wack-jobs comes in pairs

Fox News Outrage after Virginia server reports ‘racist’ note left in lieu of tip Ignorance comes in all shapes, forms, races and religions. Sadie Elledge, 18 years old who works at Jess’ Lunch in Harrisonburg, Virginia got a good taste … Continue reading

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Kill them honkies

This a tape of a tribe of black people hunting down and  attacking white people who drive through their neighborhoods. What if one of the honkies had a gun and killed a few of the black attackers that were … Continue reading

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Foreign funding financial foundation fiasco

Why Now Bill? Wild Bill, who by the way, regardless of what I think of him (you can fit his honesty – integrity -and character into a thimble), is a very sharp, intelligent individual and a seasoned politician.  Gotta call … Continue reading

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Golf or greif? Make the choice

BIAS ALERT: Media that ripped Bush on Katrina ignores Obama on La. flooding There are many words in the English dictionary that can be found under the letter “P”, approximately 22,007  of them. The one word I am referring to … Continue reading

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Fox Headlines: A kinder, gentler Donald Trump. I say a lot wiser!! Could his behavior been part of the Big Plan??  I don’t think so. I think the common sense set in and the light finally went on. Only a … Continue reading

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Since the inception of The Trumpster’s run for the big chair, I have done dozens of posts  encouraging  him to admit he was wrong, tone it down  and show he wants to portray a different image. This WILL help his … Continue reading

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Krauthammer: The Iran nuclear deal is the real scandal Did the light go on just now??? I said that months before Obama used that poison pen in his hand. Unfortunately; the good old US of A is going to … Continue reading

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Just a simple operation lady; you are in good hands!!!!

Woman in surgery for kidney stones has limbs amputated Shirley Mendez was in the hospital in Peru for a routine surgery to remove kidney stones. A few months later, when it was all said and done  she left the same … Continue reading

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Only dopes take dope

More than 2 dozen overdoses hit West Virginia city, 1 death reported Are we really supposed to fell bad for these fools that overdose on drugs?  I have mixed feelings about that subject. In one respect I do feel bad … Continue reading

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No prejudice among these scumbags

Good Samaritan killed after helping 2 scum-bag South Carolina teens pull SUV from ditch These two scum bag killers that are barely old enough to shave. They must have had an axe to grind with society and  didn’t care if … Continue reading

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