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Bill’s admission is surprising/refreshing

Why Hillary Clinton’s foundation ties raise ethical concerns CBS NEWS Though former President Bill Clinton defended the charity’s work this week, in a recent letter to donors even he admitted there are “legitimate concerns about potential conflicts of interest” … Continue reading

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Never happen!!!!

This guy, the Surgeon General is living in a fantasy land. As long as the thieves – doctors – dope dealers and pharmaceutical companies can make a big buck; this practices will never end. Inch – foot – yard … Continue reading

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If the USA doesn’t wake up, this scene ….

‘Driving Through Detroit at Night’ Viral Video Shows the Stunning Decay of a Once Proud City This may be difficult for some people to understand but conditions like this are a direct result of government control and its total dis-concern … Continue reading

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Keep talking Rodham; the more you say the …..

Clinton pushes back on foundation controversy, says it’s been transparent Holy &%*@. Gotta give her credit for having a good set. Let look at this issue from both sides. Let us assume that there has been a lot of good … Continue reading

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U.S. paid $1.3 billion to Iran two days after cash delivery Are the American people supposed to be so ignorant that we believe what this brain-washed democratic puppet  is saying; it is an insult to people intelligence. Co-incidents my … Continue reading

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If Leona was the queen – what is …..

Many donations to Clinton Foundation were transacted while Bill’s bride was on duty. When liberal news agencies like the Huffington Post begin to carry news stories about Bill’s bride like this, it renews my faith in the media but only … Continue reading

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If this is factual; it is a disgrace

No charges for New Jersey cop in slaying of black man with hands up What are these gun happy cops thinking?? I would like to know who the people are that sit on the review boards and how, with … Continue reading

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Her skivvies are on fire!!!

Clinton Foundation executive left 148 phone messages for Hillary Clinton’s top aide It has been at least a couple of years the public has been unmercifully subjected to the crimes and the denials of the Clinton’s and their stooges. The … Continue reading

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Let the judge do his time

USA Today Babysitter gets ‘basically probation’ in child molestation: SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A former Missouri YMCA employee and youth minister-in-training was sentenced to 30 days in jail for molesting an 8-year-old boy in 2014 while babysitting him. That is exactly why the … Continue reading

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It can be done FOLKS, if ……

Black Lives Matter protesters have friendly cookout with Wichita police Wichita Police Department share a photo of an officer speaking with a resident at their “First Steps Community Cookout.” It can be done FOLKS; IF the rebel-rouses and rogue cops … Continue reading

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