Firewater & nutcases and flying don’t mix

Plane makes emergency landing after passenger tries to open door mid-flight

One of these days, MAYBE but I doubt it,  the airlines will finally be forced to put safety before profit and quit selling firewater.  How bad off does someone have to be they have to get buzzed in order to fly?? To the airlines, it is profit before safety.

SEATTLE — An Alaska Airlines flight from New York to Seattle made an emergency landing in Minneapolis on Monday after a passenger tried to open a rear-door mid-flight, CBS affiliate KIRO reported.

The Boeing 737 was on its way from New York’s JFK Airport to Seattle, Washington.


This is not a clear picture of this maniac but take a look at the mohawk haircut he is sporting. He would be definitely someone I would keep an eye on, on the ground but especially in the air.

It appears that the screwball  attempted to open an access door at the rear of the aircraft while the aircraft was in flight. Little did he know that there is a safety feature that prevents doors from being open when the craft is airborne; built in for screwballs like him.

The plane landed in Minneapolis where officials arrested the would-be suicidal idiot.

In this day and age of psychotic people running around, many of them juiced up on drugs, the public’s safety is more of an issue than it ever has been before.

Now we put into the mix drunk pilots. It is bad enough when there is a drunk passenger on board a plane that is a potential hazard for all concerned but when the pilot or pilots are hammered that makes flying even more treacherous.

Just two days ago two United Airlines pilots set to fly 141 passengers from Scotland to Newark, NJ, were busted for getting boozed up shortly before takeoff.

These are only two of them that were caught.  There is no way to tell how many have slid under that cockpit door without being detected.

Daily Mail

HUNDREDS of passengers have been arrested for being drunk on a plane or at an airport in the past two years

In the last two years, 442 people were held on suspicion of being drunk
Metropolitan Police, which covers Heathrow, did not provide figures
Cases include drunk flyers fighting and attempting to open aircraft doors
Drunk passengers face fines or up to 2 years’ imprisonment if convicted

Cases include drunk passengers accused of attempting to open the doors of a plane, smashing a window and banging on the outside of the cockpit.

Many of these incidents occurred either when someone got on the plane drunk or after the passenger was served booze on the plane.

They are not just the run of the mill citizens; many celebs have received the boot for being hammered either on booze or being  drugged up.  Let us not forget, many of them think they are special people and they deserve special privileges.

Fox News

Between 2010 and 2015, FAA records show 64 pilots were cited for violating the alcohol and drug provisions, and in 2015, some 1,546 personnel who must ensure airline safety, including 38 pilots, tested positive for one or more of five illegal drugs.

It is no big secret that the almighty $$$$$$$ comes before safety in all industries.  One area beside the airlines where it is a huge problem is sporting events. There are 1,000’s of booze-related incidents each year at sporting events around the world, yet the owners of the venues refuse to quit selling firewater to the already half nuts fans.

When we mix booze with some people whose brain could fit in a thimble, we are creating a gigantic hazard.  As the old saying goes; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Don’t sever booze and 95% of all incidents will be prevented. NEVER HAPPEN.

It is all dollars and no sense.

Years ago there was a car manufacturer that had a serious problem with a component of a car that was killing people. The owner of the company gathered his staff in the office and addressed the problem. This was his solution.

If we correct all of the problems and repair them, it will cost us about 20 million dollars. If we ignore the problem and let a sleeping dog lie, we can make 40 million dollars in sales. Let’s ignore it and we will be 20 million ahead.

This  is the world we live in FOLKS.

Bon Voyage

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