This Can of Worms

TYRANT OF TEHRAN: Iranian navy’s aggression toward US worsens in wake of nuke deal, secret payments


Once a cash deal is transacted; it is all down hill from there. The bully has taken control!!!

This is an example of the can of worms I was talking about.

Post earlier today.

Set the rules straight from the beginning or they will continue to dig into that open pathetic PC wound.

Dangerous confrontations between Iranian and American warships in the Persian Gulf are up more than 50 percent in 2016 compared with this time last year, according to a U.S. defense official – despite the highly touted nuclear accord, as well as a recent $1.7 billion U.S. payment to Tehran.

Where the hell is the pride and honor wthe USA once had??? The politicians are sending the troops to the OK Coral with no ammo to be slaughtered. It is a disgrace.

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  1. Rifleman III says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    If there is a next time, our sailors need to aim at the waterline.

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