Start shooting back fellas

Defense official: Iran confrontations with US Navy up 50 percent this year:

US Navy up 50 percent this year


Why do bullies pick  on people has always been a big question . There is only one answer. They allow them too!!!  They allow them too!!!  They allow them too!!!

Years ago a friend of mine had this bad ass bully in the neighborhood that constantly harassed and slapped the shit out of him every day. My friend was scared and always ran away. One day the light went off in his thick head, he said to himself;  I can not keep this up. He stopped, blasted the bully full force square in the nose and set the record for the duration.

It is shameful that the USA’s officials are such weaklings that they turned our fighting men/women into what appears to a bunch of  cowards (not of their choice). This is the end result of when politicians run the military, instead of the military running itself.

ANY TIME someone points a weapon at another person, they have to assume that the person is out to kill them. The one that reacts first is the one that is going to be eating dinner with their family that night.

To all the political – pathetic – politicians, take the handcuff off of these men and women and let them defend themselves as they were taught. You are humiliating the hell out of them and our country.  Stick to what you do best; nothing!!

This would not happen if Trump was at the helm. You can bet your ass on that!!!

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