Keep talking Rodham; the more you say the …..

Clinton pushes back on foundation controversy, says it’s been transparent

Holy &%*@. Gotta give her credit for having a good set.

Let look at this issue from both sides. Let us assume that there has been a lot of good done by the Clinton Foundation. From what I have read, that is the case.

Just because Al Scar Face Capone kill 150 people instead of 300, that does not erase all of his misdeeds and make him the citizen of the year. GET THE DRIFT FOLKS!!!!!!

Has anyone ever heard of FRONTS??? FRONTS are legitimate businesses that are set up by crooks to cover their illegal activities. Do I need to explain further??

I say, keep the pressure on her and let her keep talking. The more she lies, the bigger fool she makes out of herself and the tighter the political noose gets.


Rodam really thinks that most people believe her. If nothing else, she is spitting in everyone’s face of all of her believers and they are too ignorant to see it.

Honesty at it’s finest: Just two of 100’s  of examples

Just like her hubby. If he would have been up front and truthful from the start; history possibly MAY have remembered him in a different light after his orgy with a girl who was only 6.5 years older than his own daughter.  If that is not piggery, I don’t know what is.

I am going to try to be kind once again. IF this was his first roll in the hayloft, possibly, possibly, it could have been excused, if it were not with someone so young and naive .

Between the e-mail scandal and the Clinton Foundation, the case against Rodham is gaining traction.

As the old Italian cliché goes; the more you throw a Rodham against the wall, sooner or later some of it  is going to stick!!



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