If the USA doesn’t wake up, this scene ….

‘Driving Through Detroit at Night’ Viral Video Shows the Stunning Decay of a Once Proud City

This may be difficult for some people to understand but conditions like this are a direct result of government control and its total dis-concern and neglect.

‘Driving Through Detroit at Night’ Viral Video Shows the Stunning Decay of a Once Proud City

There used to be a program in  The Tube called; You Asked For it.  WELL???

If these conditions are  not a direct result of government control; what are they????

If you want to be the MAN, It is your job to make sure things work properly. Pure and simple. You can not pick and choose what you want to take credit for and what you want to fluff off on some other dummy.  WELL?????

If the USA doesn’t do a turn around soon; this is going to be the scene in all the cities of America; only with one addition. ISIS running up and down the streets.

To all the naysayers that think the USA is in great shape; I have a challenge for you. Next Friday night, that would be tomorrow, take a stroll down one of the streets  in the ghettos of Chicago or Detroi. If you make it for an entire block without being shot at or accosted, (especially if you are a honkie) I will eat my key board.


Just like the arrogant Romans; the leaders of this county do not think the USA can crumble. Think again.  The condition in Detroit and Chicago did not happen over night.They are just two of 100’s of examples.  It took years of neglect to get into that horrible condition. It is like slow moving cancer. Sooner or later it takes over.


Do any of the reasons mirror what is going on in our country these days??

I did this post 4-28-16



WHAT ELSE???????

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