If this is factual; it is a disgrace

No charges for New Jersey cop in slaying of black man with hands up

What are these gun happy cops thinking??


I would like to know who the people are that sit on the review boards and how, with all evidence going against the cops can they  come to their faulty determinations.

The article clearly says that the man got out of the car with his hands up.

I don’t care if a person is white – black – yellow or red; under these circumstances the actions of the cops were TOTALLY out of line.

To all of the nay-sayers; what if it was you or one of your family members???

Lets call it like we see it. If the cops were not at fault; why was there a $1.5 million settlement agreement Reid’s family reached about a month ago.

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One Response to If this is factual; it is a disgrace

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Open ended article, lacking supporting information, as is common in many allegations. Nothing official. Only the official investigation will have factual data regarding the incident.

    Cop says, “DON’T MOVE!”, you don’t move, or you will be shot. Sounds more like the punks were trying to either come up with a weapon, or intimidate the officers. The laws state that an officer, “MAY”, use deadly physical force to effect a lawful arrest. A gray area. From the skimming of the surface linked article, the specific incident may possibly be covered under the Justification For The Use Of Deadly Physical Force. Years ago, we carried slapper jacks, and if someone got stupid, they would get jacked up. Lawyers changed that, and now, the poor individuals involved, have feelings where they act like savages during the incident but turn into crybaby victims in courts. So fewer cops are willing to mix it up physically with people. I personally do not agree with the concept. When I used to do prisoner transports as an escort, I got everyone on the daisy chain. Then poked them and shouted numbers and made them sound off. Eyeballs straight. In their face. I didn’t give anyone permission to eyeball me. I gave orders and made them shout “Yes Sir!”. Most never had any discipline in their lives until then. Other prisoners watched in silence. The Boss then said, “You are now in the care, of a former Marine Corps sergeant. Behave yourselves.” When a couple times the prisoners threatened me, I made it a point to personally place them into the cell at the destination. Twice I was attacked while they were on daisy chains, and they got knocked down, along with the prisoner on the right and left of them on the daisy chain, who were afraid they would be next. You control the situation, the situation does not control you. Twenty-five of them, only two of you. But modern policing, changed. They want cops that yell and shout like mama, only to be ignored. The cops involved in the incident, were not, mama. Somebody got killed. When I wore my USMC pin at the top of my medal rack and badge, other veterans saw it and understood. They would say, “yes sir”, “no sir”, and complied. I always gave them opportunity to present their side. Never a problem. The ghetto bastards, who are the unchecked savages and unlike the minority veterans, always tried to get over or tried to completely disobey because they were animals. I worked one of the worst ghettos in America, and there were many, very nice people, who lived in that community and always sought me out when there was any real trouble and needed someone to protect them. Today, courts and lawyers have only made situations worse, and them matter, is always dumped into the cop’s lap to handle it. It is not progress. It is devolution of humanity to an animal level.

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