Fox Headlines:

A kinder, gentler Donald Trump.

I say a lot wiser!!

Could his behavior been part of the Big Plan??  I don’t think so. I think the common sense set in and the light finally went on. Only a fool would continue running their heads into a wall. That is exactly what The Donald was doing.

The wall usually wins.

This change or adjustment, even if it is only temporary will do Trump a lot of good.  The public has seen the tough – hard-hitting side to Trump but all well-rounded people have many different sides in their arsonal they can use depending on the situations.

There are times in every strong leaders life that he/she has to show their ass in order to get people’s attention. It is a great attribute but has to be used with discretion.

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As I have alluded to many times. Trump has been the King of the Mountain for decades and is used to getting his own way; possibly like a spoiled kid. He hates it when someone grinds their heel in to his $2,000.00 polished patent leather dress shoes.

Let us hope Donald stays the course and leaves the ultra-ego villain in reserves for when it really counts.

There still are a lot of rough roads ahead when he will need all the diplomacy and composure he can conjure up.

These new sides we are seeing, kinder and gentler perhaps are going to pay off big time for him.

A very wise man once said; NOTHING. He was a good listener.

Still waiting for the call Donald.

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