Just a simple operation lady; you are in good hands!!!!

Woman in surgery for kidney stones has limbs amputated

Shirley Mendez was in the hospital in Peru for a routine surgery to remove kidney stones. A few months later, when it was all said and done  she left the same hospital without her hands and feet that had to be amputated due to infection.


After a thorough investigation, it was discovered the doctors implanted  an infected  catheter in her which caused Mendez later to suffer a severe fever and became infected with an aggressive bacteria.

What is the answer to tragedies like this? There probably isn’t one except; #1 stay as healthy as possible and stay out of the hospitals.  # 2 when choosing a doctor or hospital, make them the best you can afford and then it is still a crap shoot.


If you are admitted, question everything the do or give to you. Stay informed.  If the patient is older or can not fend for themselves, a family member that is not in the will, should intervene.

I personally know a lady that went into a hospital in excellent health because she had a pain in her knee. When her sad story was over, she came out months later deaf and dumb.

The ultimate insult to INJURY is; these medical facilities and doctors still have the balls to send out surveys  and requests for donations for their NON-PROFIT organizations.

That is not the end. If the person or their family members cashes in , they still get the big fat bill.

One of the worst cases of negligence:


A few other examples:


There are 1,000’s of surgeries a year that are performed which were not necessary just so the Saw Bones could get his broad or obnoxious old lady a new Rolls.  Talk about having a heart or taking one out!!!!


Try to stay healthy folks. For the most part, we can be captains of our own vessel.

Don’t do what you shouldn’t do or go where you shouldn’t go; especially as you get older and hopefully wiser. Don’t – smoke – drugs – use booze excessively – jumping out of planes without a chute or other dumb things.  Don’t tempt the devil; he is just around the corner waiting to pounce on you.

I don’t care what kind of settlement a person gets for a legitimate malpractice, it is not worth it.


Take 2 – call me in the morning – the bill is in the mail – we now accept credit cards or payment in blood.

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