Krauthammer: The Iran nuclear deal is the real scandal


Did the light go on just now??? I said that months before Obama used that poison pen in his hand.

Unfortunately; the good old US of A is going to suffer a long time after all of these comedians are gone and after they have satisfied their own personal – selfish agendas.

This does not just apply to Obama. There are many that came before him that put the boots to this country and now the are nowhere to be found.

The one that is totally incomprehensible is Tricky Dick Chaney when he had balls enough to say, he regrets nothing he did while in office. His statement is unbelievable.  I can safely say he suffers from both narcissism and is also a sociopath with his self-importance.

It is because of  him and his VP GWB that the entire world in the upheaval it is currently in.


Does that strike a cord???

How can anyone see the aftermath of their actions that resulted in total  devastation and not admit they were wrong????

Sad-Ham and Ka-Duffy had all of those terrorists boys under control before they were eliminated.   Do I regret their passing to the big Camel Barn in the sky?  Absolutely not. I do regret that they were snuffed out when they had things under control.

Cheney and his VP  GWB opened Pandora’s box and unleashed chaos on this world. Neither of them has any regrets.  That is very sad.


This is something I have stressed for years that the powers to be are ignoring, either because they are stupid – selfish or making big money with their decision making.

The people in that part of the world have been fighting religious wars for 1,000’s of years and will be doing so for 1,000’s to come.

Just because they do not espouse to our lifestyles, we think we have to stick our nose in their business.

I have always marveled at some of the religions and the fanatics that want to impose their beliefs on everyone in the world. They go into the deepest – darkest places in the Rain Forest to try and convert the natives. Invariably, after they leave, the people they tried to convert are 100 times worse off than before they got there.


If it is not broke, don’t fix it. Mind your own business – clean your own house before you talk about my dirty kitchen.



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