Since the inception of The Trumpster’s run for the big chair, I have done dozens of posts  encouraging  him to admit he was wrong, tone it down  and show he wants to portray a different image. This WILL help his cause immensely.

Legitimate people see the errors of their ways and do something to correct and rectify them.  This is something his opponent has not done, will never do and continues to lie everytime she opens that trap of hers.

If I were The Donald, this is an issue I would jump on right away. She (what’s her name) is sooooo narcissistic that she will never admit her fault or guilt because it is in her DNA and if she did, her admission will cut her throat.

I hope that Donald keeps reading my daily posts and give me a little credit for steering him in the right direction.

Maybe he can find a post in his cabinet. Something small, like the director of Making it a better USA.  Being I am a modest and humble guy, I don’t want to be too conspicuous. An office next to the Oval will do.

He will be the Commander in Chief and I am already the Commander and Chief. It will be a good fit.

You did good Donald!!!!! Keep it up. You should have listened to me sooner. But it is never too late to do the right thing.


This one thing alone has reignited my fire for the Big Guy.

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