Only dopes take dope

More than 2 dozen overdoses hit West Virginia city, 1 death reported

Are we really supposed to fell bad for these fools that overdose on drugs?  I have mixed feelings about that subject.

In one respect I do feel bad that they are pathetic people stuck in a deep dark hole they fell into and can’t get out. On the other hand, no one stuck a gun in their mouth and forced them to go down that dirty road.

Virginia city, 1 death reported

Officials in a West Virginia city are warning people about an especially dangerous batch of heroin after authorities responded to 26 overdoses in within a four-hour span.

On one day this week, down in West By God, 26 fools overdose and one of the fools dies as a result.  This is my take on it.

I look at it like the people who climbs Mt Everest. They know the dangers before they take that first step; the consequences of their actions should be all on them.

How much money is spent each year rescuing people from the mountains and other dangerous activities?  Millions. How much money is spent on druggies trying to save them from themselves a year? Billions. For all intents and purposes; the costs should be on the adventurer.

It is incumbent for ALL people, if they are the least reasonably sane and intelligent to be responsible for their own actions.

There is a construction sign that is usually displayed in most unsafe work areas.


They are told about or know the hazards up front. If they are foolish enough or that weak that they can not resist, the load should on them not be on the taxpayers to bail them out.

Federal Drug Control Spending by Function
(Budget Authority in Millions of US Dollars. Source: ONDCP, February 2015)FunctionFY 2013 FinalFY 2014 FinalFY 2015 FinalFY 2016 EnactedFY 2017 Request
Treatment 7,888.6 9,481.8 12,543.1 13,248.6 14,281.6 Percent 31.3%36.9%43.4%43.4%46.0%
Prevention 1,274.9 1,316.9 1,341.5 1,496.2 1,544.7 Percent 5.1%5.1%4.6%4.9%5.0%
Domestic Law Enforcement 8,850.0 9,348.8 9,394.5 9,699.1 9,525.5 Percent 35.1%36.3%32.5%31.7%30.7%
Interdiction 3,940.6 3,948.5 3,960.9 4,479.9 4,138.5 Percent 15.6%15.3%13.7%14.7%13.3%
International 1,848.5 1,637.1 1,643.0 1,637.0 1,581.1 Percent 7.3%6.4%5.7%5.4%5.1%
Total $23,800.4 $25,724.9 $28,882.9 $30,560.8 $31.071.4 – that is billions folks
A dumb question. I like asking dumb questions because all I get from the AUTHORITIES are dumb answers. In what sectors of our society do we think we can use the 137  billion dollars the government has spent in the last 5 years to improve the living conditions of our citizens?
EDUCATION in all of these areas: crime prevention – responsible parenting – the do’s and don’t’s of  growing up – harmony between races – responsibility for children through their teens on how to become respectable citizens – drug prevention. Those are for starters.
Through EDUCATION, the entire world can do a complete turn around from the disastrous conditions that exist today.
Next areas needing attention: the maintenance and repair of the crumbling infrastructures ( bridges – road – sewer systems – water works – highways – road ways – schools and other public buildings and much more.
The politicians answer to taking corrective measures has ALWAYS been;  begin a study – appoint a dozen czars – set up hundreds of committees – more studies – more czars and more committees.  It turns out that many times it cost the taxpayers more money to study the problem, than the problem itself.
Take one guess where many venue of theses studies take place. You guessed it; The Four Seasons and other top of the libe hotels.  If they were paying the tab out of their own pocket, they would be staying in a cardboard box, eating sardines with a paper clip.
I know that people get addicted to drugs for many illogical reasons. One major contributor is; kids and peer pressure. They do not want to be ostracized, they want to be accepted in their groups as a consequence, they make foolish decisions that result in many time their demise.
Through EDUCATION that should start at home (that is if the parents have any sense) they can learn the hazards of drugs and as the old saying goes: misery loves company. Next contributing factor comes depression – low self-esteem – weak in character, that all leads to the DEAD end.
Others experiment with the low-level junk for starters; before they know it, the high they once experienced is not powerful enough, so they step it up a notch and the next notch. The rest is history.
What the hell should kids be depressed for in this day and age.? They have more at their disposal than at any other time in history.
The real problem is; many of them  have way too much and do not appreciate it. They do not want to do that dirty 4 letter word, WORK.  Because they have been pampered by their parents, the government  and society, they have been taugh and think life is a free ride.
That is the big difference between the kids in the USA and from other countries.  Kids from other countries (not all but most) have learned at an early age what responsibility and being self-sufficient  means.
I am not suggesting we throw these lost – pathetic souls under the bus completely but I do stress EDUCATIONING them to the facts of how to become responsible citizens and making healthy decisions if they want to live a long productive life.  Pampering is not the answer my friends.
Could not have said it better myself!!!
Give a person a basket of fish and they can eat for a week. Give them a fishing rod, teach them how to use it, they can eat for the rest of their life!!! Or something like that.
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