He must have flipped his lid

Trump charges Obama with being ‘founder of ISIS’

Another big WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW for Trump


Donald Trump charged President Barack Obama on Wednesday with being the founder of the Islamic State during a campaign rally in Florida.

“In many respects, you know, they honor President Obama,” Trump said during a campaign stop in Fort Lauderdale. “He is the founder of ISIS.”

The Trump campaign alleged in a statement last week that the Clinton Foundation ties to a corporation “funding” ISIS.

Ok FOLKS; let us once again stretch our imaginations and say that Trump POSSIBLY -MAY BE  – CAN IT BE – THERE IS PROBABILITY – A CHANCE  that he may be right with his accusations about Obama and Bill’s bride.

If he is elected Trump is the first one that claims he will not give his enemies any advanced notice on what he is going to do; such as where to attack – his strategies – when to attack and that is a very sound plan. Good planning with the element of surprise, is the way it should be done to keep an adversary totally off guard.  Surprise attacks are always the most successful.

In the same token, a smart person that expects to achieve a particular goal does NOT put all of their cards on the table when in a winner take all poker tournament.  This is exactly what Trump is doing with all of these POSSIBLE but improbable, way out accusations of his.  He has to know that all of this hypothetical rhetoric is going to just be a few more nails in his coffin and shooting himself in the foot again and again.


The old stradigy in a card game that  can be applied in most situation; play your cards close to your vest.  Don’t let your opponent see what you are holding until the final lay down.  Trump is putting it all out there and insinuating things that are very far-fetched and only hurting him. Are his accusation possible? As we know anything is possible. Are they probable?  That is anyone’s guess.

What Trump should be doing is stick to the issues and even though it may not be his style; tell the voters what they want to hear and cut out the insults. Whether he wants to admitit or not, he is a politician and has to be smart enough to play the game wisely.

As I see it, he has fallen overboard and I don’t think he can be saved unless there is a real bomb that is dropped on Bill’s bride and disqualifies her from running for office.

Just about every credible person that supported him before he went on a total rampage is now giving him a images.

As we all know, the Clinton Machine has managed to use all of their resources by lying, cheating and stealing their way to where they are. I have never seen such deceptions abuse of power – cronyism – absolute disregard for the law as I have witnessed with Bat Man and Robin.

What they have pulled off so far is a disgrace to every law of the land and what this country stands for.

Because of the BLOOD OATH Wild Bill made with his arch-enemy Obama in 2007 (both men to this day dislike each other profusely) to support him in the 2008 election; in turn Obama promised to support Hillary in 2016. This unholy arrangement/alliance is the catalyst that put Bill’s bride in all of the positions of power she was in while working for Obama, keeping  her from prosecution for all of her illegal activities.

To the best of my recollection, no one has ever beat the system the way the Clinton Machine has ever since they dynamic duo got into politics. For the way they have conducted themselves while in public office; they better hope there is not a heaven or hell!!!!



I said to 1,000 times before and will say it again; Wild Bill Clinton is a disgrace to every man that is a father – to his country and to the offices that he held while in politics.

And yes, I will still ask the same question of all of his supporters. WHAT IF THAT GIRL UNDER HIS DESK WAS YOUR DAUGHTER????  That one incident alone should have black balled that man from politics for the rest of his life. As far as we know; his bride could care two shits about whatever this playboy did.

If Trump would have played this card game with a little more strategy from the beginning he would have been impossible to beat.

I have done dozens of post on this guy going back a year. This is one of them focusing on the fact; if he is serious about becoming president he has to tone it down.


I really want to support the man but he is making increasingly impossible for anyone to take him seriously.  I will support him to the end, only because the alternative is rotting on the vine.

Bill’s bride, if elected would be the worst thing that could ever happen to the USA, hands down. Especially considering who is going to be sitting next to her in the Casa Bianca.  Not to mention she has vowed to follow Obama’s legacy.

The major problem as it stands; Trump has insulted and scared the shit out of most of the voters and by continuing with his outlandish remarks, even if they may be true, he continues to shoot himself in the foot and putting more nails in his political coffin.


I gave him too much credit coming out of the box. Anyone that supposedly wanted the presidency as bad as he did and behaves the way he does; can not be truly serious in his objectives.

Is it too late for Trump??????????????????????????????????????? Just may be.

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2 Responses to He must have flipped his lid

  1. Pete says:

    Simple math… If isis never existed before obama then his and the secretary of states’ actions created isis. As far as Trump shooting himself in the foot, do you realy think someone who has amassed a billion dollar empire does not know what he is doing? The fix was in long ago when he and hillary made a deal for him to eliminate any valuable contender and then he agreed to self implode.. Hmmmm I think this is fodder for my next blog.

    • Peter I wouldn’t put anything past any of them. I think that we live in the United States the suppose it home of the free, to have corruption like this in our midst is incredible

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