All out war

Chicago gangs reportedly plotting to shoot cops in response to teen’s death

There used to be a program on the tube called; YOU ASKED FOR IT. Guess what ladies and gents, some of the cowboy cops we have in the (used to be) Land of the Free  are more than 50% responsible for the upheaval we have in this country.

Take this maniac cop.

These is absolutely no excuse for what this guy did. I am anxious to see what the departmental investigation turns up.

Should the black community or any other community be pissed off if their people were abused in this manner? Hell Yes. BUT that does not give the renegade snipers the green light to use cops as target practice.

Three black gangs in The Windy City have pledged to get revenge for the senseless killing of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal last week. O’Neal stole a car and the cops shot it up as he fled the scene killing him.

Why the hell would a cop shoot up a car that was headed in the opposite direction from where he was?  He was in no danger. For all intents and purposes, that car could have gone out of control after the driver was killed and killed many innocent bystanders.

Leaders from three Chicago gangs Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Four Corner Hustlers reportedly met last week to discuss plans to kill police officers in response to the officer-involved shooting death of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal.

According to authorities, the gangs have sniper weapons in their possession and are setting up kill spots to take out cops.  What the hell is our country and world coming to??

These situations have  a double-edged sword. To being with; if there was no crime committed, in MOST cases there would not be any reason for cops to accost anyone.  Although in many cases, regardless if there was a suspicion of a real crime or not some cops still go way beyond their designated limitations.

There are some crimes such as car theft that do not I see any reason to kill anyone unless there is a real threat to the public or  life-threatening circumstances exist.

When is the insanity of what some cops are doing going to end??? On top of their stupidity, do they forget they have a camera strapped to their chest that records everything they do???

Do I blame the black community for demonstrating? Hell NO. Do I blame them for rioting or sniping? Hell yes.

What is the solution to this out of control cancer that is eating up this country? All parties concerned have to get their heads out of the ass, pull in the same direction to try and come to an amicable resolution. Killing and rioting is not the answer. No crime, no cop necessary. No cop necessary, no killing. What an idyllic world that would be!!

According to the paper, the Four Corner Hustlers have “provided guns” and pinpointed a “sniper in place.” However, authorities are still unsure where the alleged sniper spot is placed. The gang is also funneling weapons to the other two gangs.

I hope that very soon the country gets a handle on this racial thing before we are in a war between the races.

Our politicians have not done enough to keep a lid on things. They are too busy campaigning and feathering their owns nests to be concerned. Getting on the tube every once and a awhile, pleading for harmony does not get it. Decisive actions have to be taken. Lip service doesn’t cut it.

Be realistic folks; without  the men and ladies in blue; we would be screwed more than we are now. The very good ones, I would say at least 90% are taking a severe for the bums in their departments. It should be up to them to try and weed the bad apples out. They are not doing them any favors.

Do we need 4 – 8 more years of pampering the criminals and the cops that are out of control? Not where I stand.



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