Like father – like son – like grandson


A lawyer says mobster John Gotti’s namesake is seeking out treatment while jailed on a drug charge.

What a shame that anyone has to grow up with 4 strikes against them even before they pop out of that cozy little safe place they been hiding in for 9 months

Is it a disgrace or what; some kids have to be born  under a dark cloud for the sins their father, grandfather or some other bum relative made! As a consequence, the kid is constantly  trying very hard  to live up the reputation of the bum  or the kid is stuck with the sins of who came before them and constantly under the gun trying to shake off the stigma. Either way, it is not an easy or safe way to grow up.

It is good and exciting viewing for the movies but in real life I could never figure out why there are some mentalities out there that glorify mobsters and bums.  FOLKS, these are the same people that are selling drugs to 5-year-old kids, directly or indirectly.

Attorney for John Gotti III, grand-son of the notorious gangster John Gotti says he has gone into a drug detox program at New York City’s Rikers Island jail for his  addicted to painkillers and other drugs.  I can imagine that his father and grandfather (if he was still living) would be very proud of what they helped sculpture.

The 23-year-old Gotti was arrested Thursday at the Queens home where his late grandfather once lived. He has been  charged with selling Oxycontin pills to  undercover officers a total of 11 times for over $46,000.


We can call situations like this somewhat poetic. Some kids like John III have  no say so in what direction their life is going to take because they had  rotten role models like his father and grand-daddy as their teachers.

One would think that an intelligent/decent person (key words, intelligent & decent) would walk the straight and narrow , if for no other reason to set an example for their offspring.  Guys like Gotti Sr.  are nothing but narcissistic self-centered bums whose own personal agenda comes before their family, friends and dignity.

This is what the glory looks like when the band stops playing.  Before and after pictures are another  good example of poetic justice.

index              index3

While in prison, just like the Old West, everyone is going to test the fastest gun so they can get their claim to fame by kicking their ass or killing them. John was no exception.

It got so bad in prison for Gottti, he had to HIRE the Aryan Brothers to protect him from getting beat daily. All of the clout, control and power he had on the outside didn’t mean  shit in the slams. He was just another guy with numbers on his chest.

John Sr. got his son John Jr. involved in the rackets as he got older.  When The Teflon Don finally got something that stuck to him and went to prison, he anointed his son as his successor.  What a hell of a gift from a father to a son.

images 2

In turn, John III fell right into the same lifestyle as his grandfather and father. It now looks like he is up shits creek without a paddle.


When a person in the mob becomes a Made Man (they are supposed to have to kill someone to achieve the so-called distinction) they take an oath of omerta (silence and loyalty to the mob).  Take a look back at some of those that ratted on their own people to save their ass when the authorities tightened the noose around their necks.

10 Mob Rats In Hiding

So much for omerta FOLKS.

One plus for John Gotti Sr. if there can be one. They say he never ratted on anyone, even though his closest friend in the mob Sammy The Bull Gravino put the hammer to him.

sammythebull         index

BEFORE                                                                               AFTER

All of this machismo is all for ego – money – power and recognition. Most of the time it is short-lived and most of the bums lives don’t have a happy ending.

What should be the most important thing for a parent to do for their family?  To provide for them and to set a good example for their kids.

The kids that are born into this life-style and had no choice in the matter. Some of them did an about-face and live a constructive lifestyle; others continued their entire life  in some sort of turmoil, thanks to their father or grandfather.

We can say without reservations, the outcome of the kid’s lives who went bad are a direct result of the bums who raised them.

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4 Responses to Like father – like son – like grandson

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Unfortunate. The devolution of the Italians in their trade of crime. When it was Mano Negra, only the intelligent people, ascended. Today, it’s those who “think” they are smart. The smart ones, went into Wall Street and Banking. They got out of traditional trade of crime.
    Yesterday, there was a Staten Island (Richmond County, NY) Craigslist ad for anyone who would open a cell phone family plan in their own name. It was paying $500.00, but what about paying the bill once opened? What if the phones are instrumental in commission of a crime(s)? Nobody thinks.
    Forty-six people were taken by the feds, so everyone knows, somebody, must be trying to cut deals to stay out of prison because they cannot do the time. The Flip. Somebody will talk. Somebody will give up information. Nothing like the old days when the Italian Mafia, was truly something. Why? Because they did not listen to Carlo Gambino, who said, “In this business, we make money, not headlines”. Today, all flash; all mouth. They surround themselves with idiots, rather than smart people.
    Sammy the Bull, I knew someone who knew him, and Sammy helped him get honest labor work. At least he did something the old school way, and helped someone. That, is what’s missing with the new generation of people. They need to get smart and become, the System. Wall Street. Banking. The stick ups, and drug pushing, is from an era lost in the haze of history. The Mob, could also be instrumental in counter-terrorism but, as one of my former contacts said to me, they are too dangerous because they would establish narcotics networks and undermine everything. True. A very short leash is needed. Considering that Italians, by tradition, are the most loyal people to their nations, the crime aspect, damages everyone who is of Italian heritage. I say this, because I truly am a direct descendant of a Roman General, and, I am also 100% Sicilian. I have had doors of opportunity slammed in my face, my entire life, including today. But the Mamalucas (simpletons), do not understand this, and never will.

  2. Michael Cascio says:

    Well John Gotti senior number one he was in a cell 23 hours a day no one could even try to fight him and if did he was we into his 50s and even in population he wouldn’t have been beat maybe with cancer but young punks I was there me I destroyed everyone that tried me and I mean destroyed them full of junkie punks yes they can use a gun but in there no guns and 90% of them do not know how to fight so back to John Gotti he never had to hire anyone whom ever saying BS LIKE THIS has nothing better to do i rest my case

  3. People like Gotti are an insult to the Italian people. How many kids do you know that die with drugs they sold them

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