I am not alone

I guess I am not alone.

Yesterday’s post:


It looks to me like there are a few more logical people out there wondering if The Trumpster is trying purposely to commit political suicide.


We can compare Trump to a super athlete that has beaten everyone in the competition in his quest for the GOLD except his arch nemesis. He continues to gain very good momentum – he can see the finish line up ahead – he is running his ass off to get there but then, the track shoes he is wearing are falling apart. All he has to do is change them.  All of a sudden he slows down to a snail pace and  has a good possibility of losing the race. Because he is a stubborn man it doesn’t appear he has the intention of changing the shoes that are costing  him the race.  It just doesn’t make sense.


I am sure that there are many people out there who are wondering if this was or is one of the biggest scams of all times. The Apprentice on steroids.

I said it from the beginning. This guy does not need the aggravation it takes to be the president. He will be stepping down about 6 pegs in his lifestyle in order to do the job properly.


Trying to get into the head of The Donald is very difficult. Anyone playing with a full deck would not do the things he is doing that are severely hurting him.


He is the guy that opens a can of spoiled sardines – because they are spoiled, they stink to high heaven – he knows they may kill him or make him very sick if he keeps eating them but he can’t resist.


To me either Dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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