Can’t seem to femme his la bouche

It seems that Trump has come to the point where Bill’s bride doesn’t even have to open her  mouth to discredit him; he is doing it for her. It seems at every turn this man is putting himself in another predicament by insulting or talking down to someone. We have to evaluate situations with open minds. That is not what most of the media is doing with Trump.

We have to evaluate situations with open minds. That is not what most of the media is doing with Trump.

In all fairness to Trump, I would like to see the video and ascertain in what context he made that statement about using nuclear weapons; if he did or not. He denies saying it. We all know how the media, especially the ultra-liberal Pc-ers can twist, turn comments and issues around to suit their causes.

Now if the question was posed to Trump; If you had to use nuclear weapons to defend the country, would you???? That is a horse of a different color. I would think that any good president would agree; if our backs were against the wall and we had to use the Big One they would agree it would be necessary.

In the Trump statement about Japan and Saudi Arabia having their own nuclear weapons; I think he was alluding to the fact; it is time for these countries to defend themselves instead of the USA doing their dirty work and for the most part at our expense in lives lost and financially.  What is the problem with that???

Make sure to note how Anderson Cooper keeps prodding Trump.  It was very apparent that Cooper wanted to start a fight with Trump. What Trump is saying makes absolute sense. I would put my money on Trump.

That is the good side of the news. The downside is. Bill’s bride doesn’t even have to try to make Trump look bad, he is doing a good job of it himself.

Donald is shaking up a lot of very credible people that could have done him a lot of good. Not only by what he is saying that is out of line but being unapologetic.

Why would Trump deliberately insult a women with a crying baby??

Is the stress and strain getting to the old boy? I don’t care who the person is; they have to be very resilient and hardened to take a pounding like he is taking from all side. But the fact of the matter is, he has created much of this controversy himself by his inappropriate insults. Don’t make sense.

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Trump has a real problem and can’t seem to femme his la bouche. It is killing the guy.

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