The 64 (billion) dollar question

I have been asking myself this same question over and over ever since The Donald threw his pompadour into the political race for president.

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ANY sincere/intelligent person that is supposed to be totally dedicated to a mission – anyone that has been in the business world for as long as he has, has to know that insulting people is not the way to going about it making friends and influencing people. 

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All of the bullet points should be considered. We can combine all of these items into one word, diplomacy.  There is not any issue that can not be resolved by using diplomacy and respect.

Walk softly and carry a big stick. Kill them with kindness. Reserve the hostility for the enemy.

Donny, I am still available. Give me a call. I will throw the book in at no extra charge.

The Donald still has time to turn it around if he wants to.  Let us see if he is wise enough to do what he has to.

Just in case you missed yesterday’s post.


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