PRIVATE message to Trump

Donny read this carefully and do what you have to do!!!! The clock is ticking.

I would have thought that Donald Trump would have gotten his act in order by this time; if for no other reason just as a consideration and respect for all of the people who have supported him faithfully to get where he is now. I think he is absolutely foolish to blow that lead that he had over Bill’s bride by being obnoxious.

The only thing between Trump and the Casa Bianca is his compulsion to run his mouth.

He bloviates  like a 5-year-old pampered kid that has always got his way. If he had more self-control over his dialog, he would be an entirely different man and well-respected.

Is he smart enough to tone it down – tell the American voters that he made a few mistakes in the beginning and is going to remedy the situation? At this point, I don’t really think he gets it.

He has insulted the hell out of some many solid citizens and reputable people at the onset  of his campaign and dodged the bullet by letting time heal the wounds. Now he is running out of time. He was pulling way ahead of Bill’s bride but now he took on a Muslim war hero’s parents and is getting the shit kicked out of him for his remarks.

Way back when, I did many  posts about Trump. I said if he was serious about his chances of winning the election, he had to tone it down. It looks like he hasn’t caught on to the system.  The old saying goes Donald; kill them with kindness.

He could have gotten all of his messages across just as effectively without insulting anyone.  That in itself just shows the arrogance and immaturity of the man.

I will still vote for him on election day regardless. The American people who still have the heads where the sun doesn’t shine and can not face up to the reality of who the Clinton Machine truly are,  they are as sorry as it gets.  The damage they can and will inflict on this country if she and her hubby get into office will be immeasurable.

Still to this day, Bill’s bride will look DEAD into the camera and denied that she lied about her email servers, even though Comey, the head of the FBI (I have no respect for him) said she deliberately lied repeatedly to cover up her illegal  activities.

5 Times Hillary Clinton Blatantly Lied About Her Emails

This behavior pattern of lying and deceitfulness has been the calling card for the Clinton  Machine ever since they slithered  into politics. How can anyone of that low of a  caliber be considered trustworthy?

Hillary Clinton’s Top 10 Lies & Exaggerations

Secretary Clinton’s claim that she tried to join the Marines in the 1970s is coming under fresh scrutiny from the media. As Chris Cillizza highlighted yesterday “this isn’t the first time that Clinton might have been caught exaggerating the details of her past life.”  Far from it. While her campaign tries to prevent the Marine recruitment story from joining the all-time ranks of Clinton’s lies and exaggerations, here’s a refresher on the top ten lies and exaggerations of Secretary Clinton’s career in politics.

Clinton Claim 1: During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Clinton claimed she landed in Bosnia “under sniper fire” during the 1990s.

The Facts: Videos uncovered of then-First Lady Clinton’s arrival in Bosnia showed “a calm scene without any obvious danger”.

Clinton Claim 2:  In an interview, Clinton stated that she “came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt”.

The Facts: PolitiFact rated Hillary Clinton’s claim “Mostly False” that she was “dead broke” when she left the White House.  

Clinton Claim 3:  Secretary Clinton claimed her e-mail server set up was in “accordance with the rules and the regulations in effect.”

The Facts: Federal Judge: Hillary Clinton “violated government policy” when she used a private server to store official State Department messages.

Clinton Claim 4:  When talking about immigrant stories, Clinton asserted that “all my grandparents… came over here.”  

The Facts:  PolitiFact says it’s “very clear” that Clinton’s claim is “False.” In truth, only one of Clinton’s grandparents immigrated to America.

Clinton Claim 5: Secretary Clinton emphasized the famous Situation Room Bin Laden photo captured her reacting to the helicopter crash.

The Facts: In actuality, Secretary Clinton said  “early spring allergic coughs”, not the helicopter crash, are responsible for her reaction in the photo.

Clinton Claim 6: Passing DOMA was a “defensive action” to prevent further action against same-sex marriage.

The Facts: Independent observers  say that “any fair historical analysis” shows DOMA to be “a campaign tactic” by the Clintons.

 Clinton Claim 7: Hillary Clinton claims concern over the cost of college is the impetus for her college affordability plan.

 The Facts: While Secretary Clinton claims she has a plan to lower college costs, her family has “received millions” from universities across the country.

Clinton Claim 8: Hillary Clinton’s campaign has said they will go carbon neutral.

The Facts: Months after that pledge there have been no records that show Clinton moving to live up to this pledge, all the while she continues to fly around in private jets.

 Clinton Claim 9: In an interview, Hillary Clinton declared that the Veterans Affairs scandals are not “as widespread as it’s been made out to be”.

 The Facts: Clinton’s campaign was forced to immediately walk back the statement.

Clinton Claim 10: In response to questions about her tenure at State, Hillary Clinton claimed that there was “a long list” of her accomplishments.

 The Facts: Given multiple chances, Secretary Clinton has been unable to name a “marquee” or “proudest” achievement from her four years as Secretary of State. Finally giving her something in common with Iowa voters.

Not only does Bill’s bride lie through her teeth, she jeopardized many people who work around her, insisting they to lie or take the 5th to cover for her.

I know that times have changed and may I say; not for the better.  What ever happened to the times when the integrity of a person was measured by their honesty???

This 2016 election is for all of the marbles FOLKS. The winner is going to determine whether our country continues to go down the tubes if Bill’s bride gets the nod; or if we will elect Donald Trump, that has all of the tools he needs to reconstruct this country will he learn how to use them.

We can all throw stones at Trump for his arrogant behavior but for the most part (for the most part) he tells it like it is.

Insecure people lie when they are little kids to get attention, get out of a predicament  or to show off to make them into someone they are not. Mature, well-rounded adults should be well passed that stage in life.

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